Great packaging is like a great car; it must not only look hot, and it must also be a proper container for safety, travel, and merchandizing, and for the good of the environment. For the consumer good packaging means sustainability, healthy living, convenience, trust, and eye appeal.
This is the era for great packaging ideas and applications. A great new technology boom has been applied to the packing industry which promises more safe and innovative packaging for the consumer, and greater cost efficiency for the manufacturer.
Here are 10 amazing examples of great new packaging strategies:
1. Stand up Pouches 
You can’t beat a stand up pouch for safety; it’s totally sealed and impervious to tampering. For Travel, flexible packages allows it squeeze together more efficiently. And for Merchandising, its lightweight and customer-friendly printability makes it eye catching appeal almost jump off the shelf.
2. PET Bottles 
A polyethylene terephthalate bottle is sturdy for travel and stocking without being rigid, and can be easily shaped for great ergonomic use in production with almost any twist and turn you want put on it or into it. Don’t make a handle; shape the bottle with a crook or a grip that fits a hand. Color the bottle too, to enhance the liquid inside. On the shelf a PET bottle can be almost anything you want it to be to attract a shopper’s eye.
3. Natural No-Packaging 
Nature did this first, with the orange and the egg, and now packagers are applying nature’s model to marketing.  In the new marketing world that is upon us eating the packaging might be as fun as eating the product. Imagine a soup product surrounded by the skin of a tomato? An orange juice product contained in an orange peel? A banana pop encased in a banana peel, or a cola bottle made of ice?  This is amazing, and very good for the environment since there is to waste, as every part of the product can be eaten.
4. Map and Vacuum Packaging 
Modified Atmospheric Packaging extends the life of shelf food, particularly sea food in way that’s never been done before. Processing begins with a thermo-former that evacuates and back-flushes with a mixture of CO2 and nitrogen. This unique packaging method can extend the refrigerated life of a perishable food for up to 21 days. It also provides the customer with the convenience of easy peel open packs that can be resealed if necessary.
5. Active Packaging
Made from shrimp shells, it’s a great safe and secure packaging that biodegrades quickly after use. Chiten and chitosan packing is biocompatible, made with naturally biodegradable polymers that are non-toxic and show antimicrobial and UV adsorption characteristics.
6. New Novelty Tech
A tissue company is producing glow in the dark tissue boxes.
They say the new boxes will capture the imagination and maximize glowing sales. The days of searching for a tissue in the dark may be over.
7. Retail Ready Packaging 
What a store owner wants is eye appeal, impulse consumer pickup, and quick sales in his limited amount of space. A shipping package that can be almost shelf ready in an instant; engages and maximizes consumers right away with its eye-candy appeal and easy ready to pick up the product design. Many store owners are getting their wish today as manufacturers develop designs that enhance both the consumer and the store’s selling experience.
8. Packaging Recycling Wonders
Innovators are finding new ways for old materials; like a full size and fully operable cardboard bicycle form an Israeli designer, coffee cup sleeves emblazoned with the latest headlines; and hanging bandage packages that make it easier to apply a bandage. It is the day of innovation, and the day of sustainability and recycling.
9. Ocean and Space Plastic
Recycling recovered plastic from the oceans and combing them with other recycled plastics to create new innovative packaging materials. There are plans being made as well to harvest the heavens of the thousands of exploration cast off material floating around the planet. Some of these cast offs are as simple as plastic, and some are as expensive as gold.
10. Hybrid Polymers
The combining of plastics thought impossible to mix, and now actually being produced open a entire new of packaging possibilities; for use in wound dressings, hearing technology, food processing, hygienic coatings, and even air-conditioning and air filters. These will enhance and make packing more environmentally friendly and customer friendly.
Since the first animal skin was wrapped around a product, to the high tech packaging materials of today, packaging innovations have evolved to be better physically, economically, and environmentally. We no longer have to strip our forests to make boxes and cartons. Packaging is no longer one and done, and moving toward the future we may even eat the packaging that brings us food, and wear and drive the materials that surround the surprise gifts that come to our door.
And the packaging industry consistently moves ahead in this amazing renaissance of new technologies that are making packing more applicable to the daily lives of customers while saving manufactures cost and time in production. Every day seems to bring a new innovation, which brings a new technology, which brings a new product, which enhances the manufacturing and customer experience.
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