Have you ever wondered why spirits and wine are always stored in glass bottles, rather than plastic or metallic versions? The reason is simple: glass bottles or glass jars guarantee purity of taste and flavour! Regardless of how good other forms of packaging may be, the impermeable quality of glass is one of the main reasons why glass packaging is always in demand.
Glass packaging isn’t a new concept, but it continues to rule the packaging industry, thanks to its superiority over other materials such as plastic and paper. Glass containers of various sizes, shapes and designs; glass bottles; glass jars and glass boxes are all examples of glass used for product packaging.
Used for packaging a whole range of products, including food items, medicines and beverages, there are many advantages to using glass. If you’re considering whether glass is the right choice for you, take a look at some of the reasons below.
Glass looks great
One of the many reasons we love glass is that it looks fantastic. Take mini glass jars, for instance. Both stylish and practical, mini glass jars; glass bottles and glass containers are particularly eye­catching. They look elegant and as they come in several shapes and designs, there’s always an option for what you need. The best part is that once it has fulfilled its main purpose, you can reuse a glass jar or bottle –for storing flowers, perhaps! A collection of attractive glass bottles or jars certainly enhances the look of your kitchen, giving an added element of style.
The best choice for food items
If you’ve ever stored freshly baked products in plastic jars or containers, you’ll know they take on an odd plastic taste if they’ve been in there for a while. However, when you store those same freshly baked products in a glass container, you’ll find they taste exactly as they should, as glass is impermeable. This means your items last longer, and retain their taste and flavour. Certain food produce, like pickled items, taste even better when stored in glass jars – making glass the best packaging choice for your food items. 
No harmful chemicals
Unlike plastic (except food grade variety), glass does not have any harmful chemicals, like polycarbonate or phthalates, which are extremely harmful to the body. Therefore, you can drink your favourite fruit juice straight from its glass bottle without worrying about consuming anything toxic that could have seeped in.
As a natural material made using mainly sand, glass is a durable, long lasting packaging option, making it the perfect choice for your packaging solutions.