Until fairly recently, it seemed impossible to create plastic products on the spot without using moulds and time consuming methods. 3D prototypes were not a viable option for designers, so clients had to rely on the designer to create the product they visualised, with no chance to provide ‘real time feedback’. All this has changed, however, with the introduction of 3D printing.

What is 3D printing?

3D printing is the process of creating 3D solid objects from a digital model. Using additive processes, an object is created by laying down successive layers of material. Although 3D printers have been around for a number of years, they’re becoming increasingly popular as much more affordable and easy to use models are introduced.

3D printing at All In Packaging

Designers at All In Packaging use 3D printing when creating custom made packaging to design and produce solid 3D prototypes of packaging products for clients. The process starts with a design sketch, with then undergoes 3D rendering to produce a 3D prototype. Once approved by you, the 3D prototype is then used to create a mould for the production of the final product.

3D printing at All In Packaging has many benefits to both you, the customer, and us as designers.


The main advantage to 3D printing at All In Packaging is that it allows us to present ideas to you quickly. Using 3D prototypes, we can produce an exact copy of what your final design will look like from a simple digital sketch. You can visualise your final product easily with a reliable idea of what the end product will be.

The rapid prototyping is what makes 3D printing so popular. 3D printings gives the designer the ability to go from design to prototype to production at much quicker rates than with traditional printing, and enable a higher degree of accuracy from design to production. 3D softwares and quick rendering allow us to modify the product model with just a few clicks. Since the prototype can be printed again after modifications have been made, there’s no need to modify the equipment. As customer feedback is faster, the overall lead time is much faster, and therefore cheaper.

Another benefit to 3D printing at All In Packaging is that is allows you to create completely unique designs that will distinguish your products from others available. 3D printing can be used to create products that would be too difficult or costly to make using traditional methods, such as cutting or drilling. As 3D printing uses the additive process, successive layers of material can be laid down to create new shapes and structures for customised designs. Complex shapes can therefore be produced without a complex design process, with much less material wastage. Individualised, custom made packaging is a possibility with 3D printing.

With low production costs, rapid production of prototypes and customised designs, discover how 3D printing at All In Packaging could be the solution to your packaging designs.