Shoppers, contrary to the belief that they make informed decisions, actually are found to be quite instinctive and reactive when making purchases.
Research, has revealed that that at least 7 out of 10 shoppers make instinctive purchases mostly on the basis of shape, color, familiarity and location.
Thus, product packaging plays a crucial role in attracting the attention of customers. Packages should be performing a number of functions to help the brand make quite a distinctive view.
So, here are the top 5 things which every effective packaging should do to attract customers and ensure repeat purchase.
Help The Product Stand Out
An effective packaging is one which is not just about occupying a space in the shelf, but also about advertising itself. It should help the product stand out from the rest, communicate successfully its essence and grab the customers’ attention. It should be attractive and unique, so that even at a glance, customers do not miss out its existence. It should be unique enough to be placed among similar products, but still stand out from others to ensure sales.
Should Be Simple
Though product packaging should be attractive enough to help a product stand out, yet it should not have a complex design. It should be simple and effective. Simple packaging, in a neat design is always attractive to the customers, but the trick is to be different from all the other packaging. This needs lots of creativity, a smart combination of colors, design and professionalism. Complex designs but seek customer’s attention, but they will not prefer the product, the next time they have the opportunity to purchase it.
Should Be Emotionally Engaging
Consumers are quite sensitive! Anything which makes them feel something or triggers their emotion attracts consumers. This should be the survival instinct of any product package. Packaging of any product should be that powerful to emotionally engage consumers. It is quite like a situation that someone is looking at you and as you move ahead, you look back to understand the kind of attraction. Thus, eye contact with an attractive packaging should be emotionally engaging and should make the customer look back again.
Create An Iconic Connection
It is often said that a good product packaging is one which passes the five year old test. This means, if you describe the brand to a 5 year-old and then ask the child to find it in a store and if the product is successfully found, it is said that your product creates an iconic connection. If this is established, then your customers will come back to buy this product every week and look for it. Any good packaging should be this distinctive to be attractive to customers and create brand loyalty for the specific product.
Create Iconic Assets
It is said that the best packages are those which are able to create visual equities. This is said to be a kind of tool kit which gets transferred in every kind of consumer communication. Coke is the best example of brand with iconic assets such as its iconic bottle shape, its logo typography, its agitated red or its dynamic contour wave. This helps it in standing out of the crowd.
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