When it comes to liquids, there’s an abundance of packaging options to choose from. For creams and lotions, jars make ideal storage, with a range of shapes, sizes and volumes to choose from.

It’s common these days, however, to find creams, lotions and liquid soaps for sale in jars with pumps, with a huge variety of designs to complement any household. Design aside; it’s the benefits that they offer that make jars with pumps natural frontrunners for the best packaging solution for creams and lotions.

Advantages of Jars with Pumps

There are certain features that make jars with pumps stand out from other forms of packaging; one such feature is the potential for dosage control. The ability to dispense accurately measured doses of liquid is part of the reason jars with pumps are so liked by consumers and manufacturers alike. Jars with pumps are an economical solution to liquid packaging, as product waste is reduced.

For customers, jars with pumps are convenient to use. As the pump is the main dispensing mechanism, there’s no need to open a cap, or unscrew a lid, each time the product is used, saving time and enabling a quick user experience. The user-friendly experience is enhanced through their easy use. Jars with pumps can be operated with one hand. They also provide a hygienic packaging option: as no one touches the liquid stored inside, jars with pumps reduce the risk of germs spreading between users – ideal for keeping every bathroom and kitchen clean and sanitised. Additionally, the pump keeps the product stored in the jar fresh and safe for use.

Jars with pumps offer a great dispensing solution for masseurs and sports doctors who can easily and quickly apply necessary creams and gels directly onto a patient by pumping the product in doses. During large sporting events – such as the Olympics – keeping athletes in peak physical condition is key, and having convenient product packaging to assist medical teams doing their job is essential.

Another advantage of jars with pumps is the opportunity for personalisation and labelling. Both the jar and the top part of the cap behind the pump can be labelled, offering fantastic branding and marketing potential. The abundance of colours, styles and shapes of jars with pumps mean they suit any décor at home or in the office, and a variety of sizes make them a great fit for a range of purposes.

Products such as liquids soaps, lotions and creams can all be stored in jars with pumps, each having different dispensing requirements. With a range of packaging available, it’s important to choose the right pump for the viscosity of the filling material, as well as the dosage capabilities.

A wide range of packaging options means you can choose a jar with a pump that best suits the product being stored. With so many advantages, why not take a look today at the range of high quality jars with pumps available on the All In Packaging web shop.