Anyone who has ever painted nails knows what a tricky task it can be! From removing old polish to achieving the perfect finish, a good manicure takes time, so the cosmetics industry is constantly looking for innovative ways to speed up the process. Nail pump sets are one example of how designers are harnessing creativity into their products, and are fast becoming an invaluable tool for nail technicians.

How Nail Pumps Work

Nail polish remover pumps can be described perfectly with just three words: easy, convenient and practical. Simply place a cotton pad on the top of the pump and press down. The liquid will be dispensed onto the cotton pad, giving out the specific amount needed. Available as a stand-alone pump to be fitted onto pre-existing bottles, or as a nail pump set with an accompanying bottle, the ease with which nail pumps are used with just one hand make them a handy and popular choice.

A Must Have for Nail Technicians

Several advantages to nail pumps and nail pump sets make them a must have for manicurists. Offering both a convenient and cost-effective way to dispense liquids such as nail polish remover, nail pumps are quicker and easier to use than traditional pouring bottles, which require tipping up to pour remover onto a pad. Nail pumps save time in the manicure process, meaning nail technicians can reduce the time needed for each customer, enabling them to see more clients and therefore maximise profits – an attractive prospect. Pumps can also be personalised to help distinguish products during use.

Manicures from the Comfort of Your Home

Another reason that nail pump sets are so popular is that they’re a great option for home use, as there’s less risk of pesky spillages – so you can continue your home manicures in the knowledge that carpets and furniture are safe from acetone stains! ‘Traditional’ bottles have a wide neck opening to pour liquids out, often allowing large volumes to escape in an uncontrolled manner. This risk is removed with nail pumps. Rather than wasting unnecessary amounts of liquid – as so often happens during ‘traditional’ cotton pad moisturising – bottles for cotton pads allow users to dispense more exact amounts, using less liquid overall and saving costs. The amount dispensed can also be specified to give accurate dosages of nail polish remover. Waste is reduced as only the necessary amount is used and spillages are eliminated, making nail pumps an economical choice for at home and professional use.

These pumps can be filled with whatever product you require for a manicure; they’re suitable for acetones, cleansers and nail polish removers. It’s not just manicurists than can benefit from nail pumps – other liquid products in the cosmetics industry are offered with pump dispensers, with manufacturers of liquid make-up removers favouring pump sets more and more frequently.

A must have for every nail technician, there’s no doubt that nail pump sets a fantastic packaging alternative for rethinking and refreshing products that are applied with cotton pads. The All In Packaging web shop is a great place to make your nail pump set purchase!