Airless containers are now increasingly being used in cosmetic packaging for several reasons. Cosmetics industry regulations are all about right packaging so that high quality products are always delivered to customers. Cosmetic packaging companies are always working hard to develop the best in innovative packaging with use of airless packaging in the form of airless bottles, airless dispenser, dispensing bottles and with the increasing use of airless pump in their packaging design which are aimed towards ensuring good quality products.

The Need For Airless Packaging

Cosmetic products in the form of serums, lotions, foundations and toners are packaged in airless bottles which are designed for cosmetics storage. Any such airless bottle is made and designed to preserve the contents of the package with the help of airtight sealing. In this entire process, oxidation is totally minimized which is the main reason for quick deterioration of cosmetic products. When any good quality lotion or serum is packaged in an airless bottle it ensures that the content has no contact with the air outside and it is preserved for a much longer time. In other words, everything is done to enhance and extend the shelf life of a product.


Airless packaging focuses on avoiding any kind of contamination and oxidation. This has always been a big challenge for packaging companies. If there is a contact with outside air, it will adversely effect the chemical and physical properties of the ingredients present in the container. Microbes will cause immense havoc, especially due to the reduction in use of preservatives. In such situations airless pump bottles or dispensing bottles are perfect for users and helps in maintaining product quality for long.

Airless Bottles

Airless bottles look attractive in their stylish design. Any standard bottle is usually made up of the body, an airless pump and pump sprayer just at the top. This airless pump and sprayer work together for dispensing all contents of bottles. These sophisticated airless bottles are generally used in packaging cosmetic products, helping to preserve their quality and keeping them fresh for long time.

How Airless Bottles Work

Today, these specifically made bottles are available in a large number of designs, sizes and shapes. The best part is that with these bottles there is plenty of scope to customize the design and make it suitable for use. The main reason for the popularity of any airless bottle in the cosmetic industry is their scope of customization. Buyers can actually specify the kind of bottles they need. Manufacturers know what they are exactly looking for in these dispensing bottles. For instance, manufacturers often offer plenty of description related to airless pump, airless dispenser, their shape, color and size. Number of bottles needed, their style, and their volume and material details can also be specified as per need.

Airless bottles usually have a lock and twist action of pump. This in combination with the use of best quality material helps in making the caps highly effective. The bottles are thus made completely leak proof and are convenient to carry around when moving around, even in a hurry. Manufacturers test these dispensing bottles before certifying them fit for use.

An airless pump which is attached to the bottle helps in dispensing the content inside, without any wastage. The user can also remove excess liquid so that there is no wastage. An airless pump in the bottle helps in evacuating as much as 95% of the contents.

  • With airless packaging there no danger of wastage, contamination and degradation of content. Preservative use can be completely reduced, helping the use of organic products. This is a big advantage, especially in cases where natural products are preferred by customers. In fact, it has been found that many cosmetics can be packaged only in airless bottles.
  • Wastage is reduced since airless dispensers are used in these bottles. The user gets an opportunity to use even the last drop of the product. An airless pump used in these dispensing bottles along with different other mechanisms helps in smooth and much accurate dispensing of the product, which prevents wastage.

There are several types of airless bottles, airless pumps and airless dispensers available. Each of these is specialized for a specific type of application. These bottles are environment friendly and are zero CFC emission packaging. Available in many different sizes and with airless pump, these bottles can be easily activated with just the fingertips. Every use of such an airless pump is designed to dispense a specific quantity of liquid.

Airless packaging is witnessing an ever increasing rise in demand due to its main characteristics of protecting the content, especially from damage due to transit. Benjamin Punchard, from UK based global market research – Mintel, says “Airless packaging protects the contents [of a cosmetic or personal care product] from degradation, particularly from oxidation,”. The packaging specialist believes that the demand for airless packaging is going to witness unprecedented growth and is definitely going to come up with hundreds of more functional benefits which were unimaginable till now.