Airless packaging in the form of airless bottles, airless pump bottles and dispensing bottles are gaining high popularity in the recent times. One of the main reasons for increasing popularity of these airless containers is their many benefits and their role in offering the best packaging solutions for business.

Why Use Airless Containers

Any airless bottle will keep products (especially when used to keep skin care products) fresh for a longer period of time. The main reason is that the product has no exposure to air and stays completely secluded and fresh. Airless bottles keep their content at least three times longer than those which are not airless. Not just this, airless containers keep the ingredients completely preserved and at their best concentration. This is quite similar to vacuum sealing any food packet before we put it in the freezer. This helps in keeping the food fresh for a longer period of time.

Another benefit of airless containers and airless dispenser is that they prevent all types of contamination. In case of skin care products, we tend to use our fingers to apply the product and for this we dip our fingers in the cream. This can transmit germs and bacteria right from your fingers into the product. This does not happen with airless containers.

With airless bottles or airless pump bottles there is no risk associated with spills. This kind of packaging is completely leak and tamper proof which means you can easily carry it with you wherever you travel. Most expensive products are now being sold in airless bottles and containers which assures that the products are not lost due to spillage or leakage.

Another reason with the huge popularity of airless packaging is the available variety in styles and packaging. Not just this, the smooth dispensing method is quite an attraction for customers who get attracted towards this kind of smart innovative packaging.

The Technology In Use

With the use of airless packaging that includes airless pump bottles also there is actually no dip in tube which is normally found in sprays and pumps. These have a diaphragm that slowly rises to empty the product. The diaphragm moves inside the bottle and is pulled by the vacuum pressure and the product is soon evacuated. There are many other airless containers that use a bag which is filled with product inside another hard container. The difference is that the process of evacuating the product remains the same. Research has revealed that this kind of high percentage use is a big selling point of this kind of packaging since this means lesser waste and more green.

Growing Popularity of Airless Packaging

Airless packaging is the recent buzzword today and many big industry players have jumped into airless packaging. There are companies which add their eco-friendly features to address all customers who are keen on buying green products.

Airless pumps are quite popular these days and these are not just simple cosmetic containers. We know that thousands of dollars are spent on developing a certain product and if the packaging is not impressive or good enough, it is not going to support the product and the whole effort of manufacturing the product goes waste. Thus, making an investment in the right kind of packaging is of great significance. Having the right container and good packaging serves as a good enclosure of the product and protects the formula, thereby enhancing experience of the customer and emphasizing product efficacy and soon boosting the image of the brand.

In this group of airless packaging, there is a specialized airless dispenser system which is also known as bag in bottle that makes use of a smart inner bag that slightly collapses as the product gets used. This is an uncommon system but is excellent for products that need a big barrier against oxygen.

As per a recent survey, airless packaging has just come in and the industry is adopting the technology in a very fast pace. There is a recent trend of cosmeceuticals or certain products will fall under hair care and skin care. It is believed that this industry is specifically showing an increasing need of airless pumps and airless packaging. In the effort to impress customers, stand out of competition and in a bid to meet the rising customer demand of eco friendly products and chemical free packaging, customers are now looking forward to eco-friendly products. This can now be carried out better and advanced innovative formulations.

Not just this, there are many more benefits of this airless packaging containers. These containers guarantee exact doses in the same quantity. This is crucial in case of medicines or cosmetic tubes from which we need to have small quantities of products. Formulas or products that are inside the packages do not get contaminated and are free from bad exposure.