November has seen, for many, the first snowfall of winter. As frost and ice become a regular occurrence, protecting your car from the cold is essential for safe function.

For the motor industry, winter means a rise in the sale of antifreeze and de-icer products, as people look to protect their car from freezing temperatures by purchasing products that prevent them from getting going quickly. Antifreeze, which lowers the freezing point of water-based liquids, is a winter must-have for car owners.

Just as important as the product itself, though, is the packaging, with antifreeze products requiring specific packaging to ensure safe and efficient usage and storage.  

Antifreeze Packaging

Designed to stop the water in your engine from freezing in cold temperatures, antifreeze prevents your engine cooler from freezing when the temperature drops. But it’s not just antifreeze that’s vital for car safety on frosty mornings: de-icer is an important tool in combating winter weather, quickly removing frost and ice from windscreens, car door handles and locks. With multiple products for multiple purposes, All In Packaging offers a wide assortment of antifreeze and de-icer packaging materials, best suited to various functions.

Antifreeze Canisters and Plastic Bottles

Antifreeze is generally packaged in either canisters or plastic bottles, depending on the quantity needed.  Canisters, designed to store two litres or more of liquid, are made from PE or HDPE material to ensure the safe storage of a wide variety of hazardous and non-hazardous liquids, such as anti-freeze, making a canister the ideal choice for the large volume of antifreeze required in an engine.

When antifreeze is stored in canisters, it’s essential that the canister itself is lightweight and durable so as to not add extra weight. The lightweight packaging makes canisters cheap to transport, and as plastic lasts for a long time and can withstand numerous conditions, antifreeze canisters are easily stored in a garage during the cold winter months, ready for topping up your engine when needed.

Plastic bottles with caps are an alternative packaging solution for smaller quantities of anti-freeze. As a product that needs to be carefully and directly poured into the engine, plastic bottles with caps enable you to easily pour the antifreeze into the specified area in the dosage required. As the bottles are used to store two litres or less, handling is convenient.

Aerosols and Sprays for De-icer

De-icer, used to remove and prevent frost and ice on windscreens and door handles, are most often packaged in can with aerosol sprays or in bottles with trigger sprayers. Offering a quick, easy and affordable application of liquid onto a targeted surface, trigger sprayers and aerosols are ideal for spraying de-icer in a specific radius with accurate dispensing. Simply spray the de-icer on and leave it to work its magic.

The benefit of trigger sprayers and aerosols for de-icer is that they allow the product to be applied in large spaces such as windscreens, as well as smaller areas, which is ideal for frozen car door handles and locks. Different sprayer nozzle heads mean you can really control the dispensing of your de-icer, and the variety of sizes available allow you to choose products for specific areas. As you can control the area, the product isn’t unnecessarily applied to the rest of the door. Some easy to use de-icer sprays can even be applied in advance and left overnight to prevent frost forming, saving you from standing outside in the morning.

Antifreeze products are a winter must-have for every car owner, so make sure your antifreeze and de-icer packaging is up to the task of protecting cars from the cold by choosing top quality products  from All In Packaging’s wide range of canisters, plastic bottles and trigger sprayers.