Packaging is not just about wrapping up a product and delivering it to your customers! It is much more than just packing a product with just any kind of material; it is about doing everything that ensures its safety and protection during transit, during its shelf life and even during its use to a certain extent. Today, packaging is a big industry with incredible development in its technologies and innovations.
Companies hire the best packaging experts for their packaging products function and delivery, since brand image, brand credibility and brand marketing is a lot dependent on how good your packing is. If you are a business owner, you need to understand the basics of packaging, so that you are aware that you are involved in the right kind of packaging. How do you know if you are doing it right? If you are not using the right packaging material, no matter how much you are spending, its all getting waste; your brand is at risk and your customers are going to be unhappy. Consider the following factors relating to packaging.
Let’s start by understanding the different types of packaging products used for a variety of products.
Crates and Pallets
Crates and pallets have always been an important part of shipping and delivery in the entire packing process. Crates and pallets used in packaging work well as secondary wrapping, especially in case of industrial products. It helps in keeping products safe and protected, till they are actually delivered to customers. Pallets should be used when products need to be kept off surfaces on which they are sitting, either it is on the ground or on a delivery truck. Are you using crates and pallets for packaging products your products? If products are kept above the ground, it helps in protecting goods from all kinds of moisture and dirt.
Crates and pallets are an important part of industrial packaging. Wood is the chosen material for this packaging, though recyclable plastic pallets and crates are also quite common now.
Shrink Wrap
Used as a primary or secondary form of packaging, shrink wraps are excellent for packaging notebook paper or CD cases. Shrink wraps can be used to cover or wrap up an entire pallet of packages which help in holding packages together and make it simpler to move. You need to understand that when you are using shrink wraps, it not just to keep packages together. It does more – it helps in abrasion and puncture protection.
Shrink wrap packaging offers crystal view to reveal what is inside the packaged product, details and all graphics related to the product. This kind of packaging can be easily custom printed and is now one of the most popular forms of packaging.
Vacuum Packaging
If you have product that needs to be sealed, you need to use vacuum packaging. Perishable goods need vacuum packaging too. This kind of packaging has a compact design, which is suitable for mostly dehydrated products, such as plastic food packaging containers for camping and also backpacking trips. When vacuum packaging goods, you are actually removing oxygen present in food, which means no space for yeast, mold and bacteria, which helps in keeping the food in good condition. Food which are vacuum packaged are also meant to remain fresh in freezer for a much longer period than food which is wrapped in other types of packaging. You will definitely need vacuum packaging if your company is shipping perishable food items in plastic food bags or even medical materials.
Specialized Packaging
Multi-packing is another preferred way of packaging, especially for companies which look forward to speed and economy. It is a great packing option for quantity limited retail promotions. It also includes custom printed cards or simple corrugated tray. Multi packing is just ideal for glass jars, plastic bottles, glass containers and cans along with other different types of household products. Food packaging uses specialized methods which includes packaging boxes, pouches, plastic food bags and also shrink film packaging. Shrink wrapping is a good way to offer protection of products offering clarity.

Shock Mount Packaging
This kind of packaging is extremely common with fragile items and is considered to be the best and safest kind of packing option. This refers to built-in shock absorption feature, protecting the contents from vibration and shock which is common during transportation and also protection from moisture, dust and humidity. This is a heavy duty packaging option which is suitable for packing fragile electronic equipment or even unstable chemical compounds. There are different ways in which packaging can be done which is decided upon after carrying out an evaluation of the product which has to be packaged and working out the best option. This process helps in keeping the product safe and steady during transportation.
Here were some of the most common kinds of packaging – are you following the right method of packaging?
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