From storing everything from our cleaning products to our food and drink, packaging surrounds us. We use packaging in almost every aspect of our daily lives and as a result it has various functions. With so many different options available, what are the basic elements of all good packaging?


Good packaging has two protective functions: to protect the inner product from external impact and to protect the environment and surroundings from the product. Its inward protective quality is designed to prevent spillages, leakages and product damage, as well as protecting the product from climatic conditions such as light or heat exposure. The outer protective quality of packaging ensures the product is as environmentally friendly as possible, preventing the humans, animals and the environment from coming into contact with potentially harmful products. Regardless of material, the protective function means good packaging should be strong, durable and leakproof, allowing safe transportation and storage of products.


Your packaging is the first opportunity you get to make a good impression. Packaging is the first thing a customer sees of a product and a brand, so good packaging needs to be designed with the consumer in mind. Modern, memorable designs in a range of sizes, colours and shapes enable packaging to stand out from the crowd on the shelf and capture attention. Good packaging should therefore be attractive and easy to remember in order to improve sales.

Regulations compliant

Although not applicable to all packaging, where appropriate, good packaging complies with regulations. Examples include Child Resistant Closure caps; tamper evident seals and light resistant material. All products with these safety elements undergo rigorous regulation testing to ensure they comply with regulations and are safe to use. Regulations compliant packaging gives customers peace of mind when using such products, therefore improving brand reliability and consumer trust.

Product appropriate

Good packaging should be product appropriate. Today, there are many packaging options available, depending on the product it’s being used for. You can choose from a variety of closures such as push pull caps, screw caps and snap-on caps, which allow products to be safely packaged, stored and transported. Similarly, a range of dispensers – from foam and pump dispensers to trigger sprayers – are on offer depending on product viscosity and method of use. Good packaging uses the best and most appropriate option for the product it’s storing.

In an industry where the packaging options can be overwhelming, knowing what the basic elements of good packaging are can make all the difference when selecting the best choice for your product.