Online shopping; a craze fueled and sustained by our desire for convenience and finding the best deal. With virtually every brand embracing online shopping, customers don’t think twice about ordering online. A positive experience can make online purchasing seem to happen like magic, but behind the scenes of online packaging purchasing is a delicate operation that requires careful and precise planning to make sure orders are placed, received and delivered correctly.


Placing an Order

When it comes to ordering online, you generally you find the product you want via a webshop and select the quantity required before proceeding to the virtual checkout. This process should be as seamless and user friendly as possible for the customer. At All In Packaging (AIP), depending on the product, you can order in both small quantities and in bulk.


How are Orders Calculated?

When someone places an order online, the quantity to be delivered to the customer has to be calculated precisely. How exactly do we achieve this successfully at AIP?


For our small sized products, such as the range of available caps, the first 50 pieces in an order are calculated and sorted manually (by hand). The lower the weight of the product, the higher the quantity that has to be calculated manually in advance of using a precise scale. As caps are extremely lightweight, a larger number have to be calculated by hand.


These 50 cap pieces are then placed on a special scale that is able to calculate the total weight of the 50 pieces, as well as the individual weight of one cap piece. After the scale has calculated the weight of one cap piece, the remaining pieces can be packed onto the scale and the scale will calculate the total number of caps it’s holding. This special scale can hold and calculate up to 2000 pieces, making calculating and packaging customer orders much simpler.


The scale is connected to a label printer machine that, after each calculation, prints a label containing all of the necessary product information. Each label displays:

  • Total weight of the calculated product pieces

  • Weight of one piece

  • Total number of pieces.

These labels are then stuck onto the delivery package and onto our delivery note as well, allowing both us and the customer to check the order has been processed, sorted and packed correctly, and displaying clearly to the customer exactly what is inside the package.


To be able to calculate product orders precisely, we weigh each product at the time they are being prepared for delivery. Products cannot be measured in advance as weather conditions can affect the product’s weight, so to ensure accuracy in our calculations, products are measured and immediately packed for delivery.

Behind the scenes of online packaging purchasing is a production line working hard to guarantee correct orders and smooth deliveries with short lead times. When ordering online from All In Packaging, with our thorough product calculation methods, you can be sure that you’ll receive exactly what you’ve ordered.