PET bottles need no special introduction – we see them almost everywhere. Polyethylene terephthalate – which is commonly known as PET – is the most popular packaging material in the food and beverage industry. PET bottles are also used for packaging cleaning chemicals and different cosmetics. There are a number of reasons for the vast popularity of these bottles and their use in our everyday lives. But for those of you wondering what makes these bottles a clear favourite for manufacturers and customers alike, here are some reasons to help clarify.

PET Bottles Reduce Wastage

Research shows that a lot of food gets wasted worldwide due to packaging. Reasons such as improper packaging, leakages, poor quality material and damage during transportation cause food to lose its value and is therefore often of no use by the time it reaches its ultimate buyers. PET bottles help in reducing this wastage. They can be resealed which means produce doesn’t lose its taste or flavour, and drinks can be enjoyed throughout the day, as there’s no hurry to consume the whole beverage all at once or throw it away for risk of spoiling. PET bottles really reduce the amount of food and drinks products that get wasted.

Completely Safe

PET bottles are totally safe and suitable for drinks or food packaging. They are known to have barrier properties, meaning they keep their contents protected and well preserved for a long time. PET can also be combined with different technologies that work together to offer more protection from environmental factors or to offer light resistance. PET bottles are occasionally used to store medicines that are light sensitive and therefore require protection. In these cases, PET bottles are usually given a dark colour. PET bottles are great for enhancing the shelf life of products and keeping them safe for use for extended periods of time.

Available In Different Sizes and Shapes

One of the main advantages of PET bottles is that they come in a wide range of sizes and shapes – especially important when you’re choosing to use them for cosmetics packaging. The pharmaceutical industry uses PET bottles to store medicines in different quantities, with transparent and opaque bottles available as required. Airtight lids or caps ensure the content stays in perfect condition.


PET bottles were introduced more than 40 years ago and since then their weight has reduced considerably. One of the main drawbacks of standard packaging material is their weight, making them fairly difficult to transport. PET bottles, on the other hand, are easy to carry and store, as they are lightweight. These bottles are made from quality plastic which does not have much weight of its own. If bottles are being used to store water, you can easily carry them in your bag wherever you are traveling without adding unnecessary weight.

Saves Resources and Highly Durable

PET bottles, as a lightweight packaging option, allow manufacturers to easily cut down on the energy and resources used in producing these bottles. Despite their lightweight material, these bottles are made to withstand the difficult transportation phase. They are durable and shatterproof – unlike glass, which requires extreme care during handling. As such a durable product, they also require little cushioning during transportation, offering a more cost effective solution.

With some of the main benefits of PET bottles highlighted, it’s not hard to see why they’re such a popular packaging choice. In what way do you find these bottles to be useful?