Buying in bulk can be a more convenient – and often cheaper – solution when purchasing particular products. Many liquid products used in industries including household chemicals, gardening, food and cars are needed in large quantities, and so large capacity packaging is the best option. For such liquids, this packaging comes in the form of canisters.

Why Canisters?

When storing large amounts of liquid – sometimes fairly harmful liquid – it’s important for packaging to be strong, durable and leakproof, which is exactly what plastic canisters provide. Designed to store two litres or more of liquid, canisters are made from PE or HDPE material to ensure the safe storage of a wide variety of hazardous and non-hazardous liquids such as machine oils, household chemicals and garden additives, as well as water. A resistant form of packaging, a canister offers the best, and most cost-effective solution, to securely storing large volumes of liquid.

For some harmful liquids, it’s essential for packaging to prevent the product from damaging or contaminating the environment and other products. Protecting both humans and animals from certain chemicals is extremely important, just as it’s crucial for the material to not degrade the liquid it’s packaging. Plastic canisters provide all of the above, offering protection to the stored liquid whilst protecting the environment from the liquid, making them a popular choice.

As such large volumes of liquid are stored in canisters, it’s essential that the canister itself is lightweight and durable so as to not add extra weight. The lightweight packaging makes canisters cheap to transport, and as plastic lasts for a long time and can withstand numerous conditions, canisters used for engine oil and garden chemicals, for example, are easily stored in a garage during the cold winter months.

Easy to Use

The popularity of canisters for storing large volumes of liquid can be attributed to their simple design and their ‘does what it says on the tin’ approach to packaging.

Designed to appeal to a large market, canisters offer a straightforward user experience that simply involves storing large volumes of liquid to be poured and used. The majority of canisters come with screw-on caps which are simple to remove and make pouring easy, enabling you to pour liquid into a specified area. Certain caps have the added advantage of an attached handle, making the canister easier to pick up and carry. Alternatively, it’s possible to use canisters with gallon pumps. Gallon pumps dispense accurate doses of liquid with a quick push of the pump – which can make using large volume canisters a much simpler task, as no pouring is required! A range of closure options mean you can choose the dispensing method you prefer, and the one that is the best fit for your product.

Canisters with tamper evident seals guarantee that authenticity of a product. For liquids such as chemicals or those used in the food industry, it’s extremely important that brands can ensure the product is sold for use in the exact condition it was packaged in. Tamper evident seals provide customers with peace of mind when using products, improving brand reliability and building customer trust.

Providing packaging that is straightforward, canisters make a great choice for storing large volumes of liquid. The only decision for you to make is how many to purchase? Browse our range of canisters on the All In Packaging web shop.