There’s something about the cooler weather that means more people getting sick. Colds and flu are synonymous with autumn and winter and the only thing worse than being sick is being sick and not being able to do anything about it. Thankfully, you can say goodbye to having a stuffed up nose and breathe easy this winter with the rise of nasal sprays.

Nasal sprays are medicines used to ease the symptoms of congestion caused by common colds and even those caused by hay fever. Consisting of a small bottle and nasal sprayer cap, nasal sprays are available in a range of sizes and are extremely easy to use. Simply close one nostril by pressing on it with your finger and gently insert the nasal sprayer into the other. Breathe in slowly through your nose and squirt one spray of medicine into the nostril.

Small and Convenient

Aside from their obvious benefit of easing cold symptoms, nasal sprayers have the advantage of being easy to use and convenient to take with you on the go. Their small size – the bottles generally range from 10ml to 50ml – make nasal sprays ideal for slipping into your bag or purse and using throughout the day as and when required. The quick and simple application means nasal sprays can be used anywhere, with minimal disruption.

Comfortable designs allow nasal sprays to be handled easily. The small bottle size with nasal spray cap can be held in one hand: your thumb fits under the bottle to steady it and your middle and index fingers rest on the spray cap. The lightweight packaging makes nasal sprays easy to guide and position correctly.

Economical Dispensing

Leakages and product wastage don’t need to be a concern with nasal sprays. Special nasal spray caps are designed to release a specific amount of medication in each spray, preventing over-medicating. Controlled dosages provide an economical solution to dispensing. Similarly, as liquid is sprayed directly from the bottle into the nostril, products can’t leak or spill during application, meaning they last longer and are more cost-effective for both consumers and manufacturers.

Nasal sprays are the perfect solution for stuffy noses. Easy and quick to use, you’ll find a selection of glass and plastic small bottles for nasal sprays on the All In Packaging web shop, alongside nasal spray caps, as well as full nasal spray sets.