For a number of industries, including those of the cosmetic, medical, and food varieties, glass is usually considered to be the best packaging material. Thanks to its US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) certification, glass packaging is also considered to be a universally safe material housing material for food. 

Glass packaging continues to be highly popular for a number of other reasons, too. Read on to learn why.


Glass is an amazing material for its reusability properties. Not only is it completely recyclable, but it can also be broken down and repurposed many times over. Plus, since there is no loss in quality, the material always remains as good as new. 

Thus, if you do happen to break or damage glass packaging, go ahead and recycle it without any sense of guilt. In fact, recycled glass takes less energy to produce than new glass and as much as 80% of recycled glass can be easily reclaimed. To perform the recycling process, many materials generate high levels of toxic waste. Glass produces, well, just glass. 


Glass is impermeable and non-porous in nature, and there’s no interaction between the packaging and the products inside. So, food products packaged in glass stay in the best condition since the packaging material does not affect color or taste. 

With little or no rate of chemical interaction, products that are packaged in glass containers or bottles will keep their flavor, aroma and strength. This is one of the main reasons why glass is used in perfume and food packaging, making it one of the most sought after materials. 

Scientists are not worried about any toxins migrating from glass containers to your food, which happens, for example, when plastic containers are heated. Using glass containers, trays or bowls helps in ensuring the complete safety of products.

Looking Good With A Stylish Design

Glass is a highly popular type of packaging for perfumes, cosmetics and food products. It looks good, can be custom molded into unique shapes and adds a luxury factor compared to the most common packaging material: plastic.

Containers and jars for the kitchen are now available in many attractive designs and styles. It’s no secret that glass casseroles, utensils and other cooking tools are certainly a pleasure to see.

Environment Friendly

Glass packaging is generally not as harmful for the environment, especially when compared with plastic. Plus, thanks to glass’ reusability, it helps in keeping the planet clean. By increasing the use of glass and reducing plastic, you will be actively reducing the growth of landfills. This will help in saving energy, which would otherwise be wasted on the recycling process. When you continue to use your glass containers, bottles and other crockery safely, they’ll not only last long while, but also offer you great support beyond the physical limits of plastic packaging materials.


Glass packaging will actually help you save money! Yet, you might wonder: if glass costs more than plastic, how can it reduce cost? It comes down to the long-term investment, which will help you save money in the long run. If you take care of your glass items, they will continue to function long after purchase. 

Best For Foods

Glass packaging is preferred in the food industry since it is believed that glass helps to enhance food flavor. Food packaged in glass containers remains consistently safe and tastes fresh. Plus, the glossy surface of glass helps in removing residual flavors and meanwhile repels food odors to insure a long-winded effectiveness.

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