When picturing a bucket, images of a traditional, metal pail might be the first thing you think of – the sort typically used to carry water. In recent times, however, plastic buckets have grown in popularity, thanks to their flexibility. Usually watertight and cylindrical with a flat bottom, buckets are the ideal packaging for a variety of uses.

Storing/selling food

Given the popularity of plastic for use in the food industry, plastic buckets are great for storing food such as pickles, jams and sauces – particularly in bulk. Polypropylene, the material largely used to make buckets, is especially safe for use in the food industry, as it does not allow chemicals to seep into food. With large sizes available, food items such as pickles, sauces and jams can be sold in bulk in buckets to hotels and restaurants for catering purposes.
Decorating industry
Companies that produce decorating products such as wall paints are among the big purchases of buckets for packaging. The volume possibility of buckets means paint can be sold in large amounts to meet customer expectation, and the properties of polypropylene mean the paint will stay in perfect condition, without risk of deterioration from external factors.
Car care and DIY products
Buckets are extremely popular for storing industrial liquids, including engine oils, antifreeze liquids, cleaning liquids and other products from the car care and hardware industries. Products like these need to be stored in containers that ensure they won’t cause harm to the environment, and buckets provide this guarantee. Leakproof and durable, buckets are a packaging favourite among car care product and DIY product manufacturers.
Multiple sizes; multiple uses
One of the advantages of using buckets to package your products is the variety of sizes on offer. Not only are huge 5 and 10 litre buckets available from All In Packaging, you can also find smaller 1000ml buckets. The variation in volume means buckets are suitable for a range of products – from ice cream to antifreeze! Larger sizes of bucket provide a good alternative for all sorts of household liquids for selling in bulk, aimed at a ‘family size packaging’ market, popular with larger households for a more cost-effective solution. 
Set buckets with Snap On lids are the ideal choice for products that you’ll be using time and time again; simply pop the lid back on knowing that your product will remain fresh and ready for use next time. Once empty, buckets can then be cleaned out and reused for other purposes at a later date – they make great storage containers!
Whether you’re looking for food storage or something to a hold your paint products, buckets are the ideal choice. Take a look at the buckets on offer from All In Packaging, as well as browsing the thousands of other packaging solutions available. You’re bound to find something you like.
Photo source: Pinterest