In a surprisingly flooded market of cap producers, one company stands out among the rest. Thanks to their high-tech innovations, standards of quality and ceaseless dedication, Italian firm CB Stampi has grown into the substantial company that exists today. 

Over their thirty-five years of existence, CB Stampi has continued to develop a wider expansion of their brand, eventually leading to the purchase of the prestigious Stropal in 2003. This opened the door for the creation—alongside their already respected business of molds and moldings—of CB Caps, now known for its custom made plastic caps.  

Today, CB Caps has grown to become a de facto European leader thanks to design flexibility and quality of their caps. Plus, their patented “Snap-On” system, which allows many of their caps to be simply place on bottles instead manually screwing on, is both convenient and effective. Consider how valuable this could be as a time and cost-saving tool during the manufacturing stage. 

Put A Cap On It

Across three distinct lines, including bottle caps, bottle screw caps, and jar screw caps, more than ten unique models are suitable for a wide variety of products. Depending on the required shape, neck size, application and more, CB Caps can tailor-make a product specifically designed for you. 

Take advantage of special features like two-tone coloring and glossy or matte finishes to give an extra aesthetic appeal to your merchandise. 


Mold Practically Anything

After three decades of plastic and aluminum alloy molding experience, it’s safe to say that CB Stampi knows a thing or two about shaping products. 

By incorporating the use of renowned design software like Moldex3D and Pro/ENGINEER, combined with state of the art machinery, customers can rest assured that they’ll always receive a competitively priced production that maintains superior quality standards. 

Instead of working with clients as a mere supplier, CB Stampi presents themselves as a partner where both parties work side by side to find the best solutions possible.  

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