Having a car is a luxury. Such luxurious possessions demand careful maintenance, and we take great pride in keeping our cars in top condition – after all, nothing beats that new car smell with shiny paintwork to match. When it comes to keeping your car clean, there are certain products we just can’t do without, and this means car care product packaging is essential.

Car cleaning products

Car exteriors require water; car washing liquids; polishes and more to keep them looking spick and span. But it’s not just the outside of a car that needs attention to keep it clean: the interior also demands air fresheners and fabric cleansers, while car engines need just as much consideration to ensure they run smoothly. All these areas require different products, with different packaging best suited to their role.

Trigger sprayers

Car care products such as window cleaners; cleaning chemicals for seat fabrics; car polishes; wheel cleaners; shining sprays and other similar products are best packaged in trigger sprayers. Offering a quick, easy and affordable application of liquids onto a targeted surface, trigger sprayers are ideal for spraying products in a specific radius with accurate dispensing. As different nozzle heads are available to create sprays, foams, mists and more, trigger sprayers provide perfect packaging for a range of liquids. Simple spray on and wipe off.

Plastic bottles with caps

For car care products that need pouring, such as motor oils; washer fluids and other engine liquids, as well as car washing products, plastic bottles with caps provide ideal packaging. Many products need to be mixed with water, and products such as engine oil need to be carefully and directly poured into the correct area. Plastic bottles with caps enable you to pour the product into the specified area in the dosage required, and the various caps the bottles are sold with mean you can choose the dispensing method you prefer. Differing sizes and colours of bottle mean plastic bottles can be used for a variety of liquids.

Plastic is preferred

Car care product packaging is usually always made of plastic, with both trigger sprayer and bottle packaging being made from plastic. Cheap, durable and available in multiple styles, colours and sizes, plastic makes a great packaging choice to suit all of your needs. It doesn’t damage easily and won’t dent with rough handling, unlike other materials such as glass, and can also be reused for other purposes once its initial use has been fulfilled and the plastic packaging has been cleaned. Plastic also lasts for a long time and can withstand numerous conditions – ideal for when stored in a garage during the cold winter months. With plastic car care product packaging, you can rest assured that your product inside won’t spoil and affect brand reputation.

If you’re concerned about the safety of car care products around the home, many car care product packaging comes with Child Resistant Caps, preventing children from opening and potentially inhaling and digesting harmful substances. Such measures make it safe for all the family to get involved in keeping the car clean, so during the hot summer days, you can both entertain the kids, clean your car and keep everyone cool – a win-win situation!

Car care product packaging, in its numerous forms, is on offer to buy from All In Packaging’s online web shop. With a variety of trigger sprays, bottles and caps to choose from, in a huge range of styles, colours and sizes, it’s never been easier to choose plastic car care product packaging to best suit you and your product.