We use billions of plastic bottles every year. Primarily intended for storing liquids, there is an overwhelming number of plastic bottle options to choose from when it comes to picking the ideal packaging for your product.

In a thriving packaging indstry, every product has an ideal packaging solution that offers the most functional usage. When picking the perfect plastic bottle, it’s important to consider the most convenient and cost-effective solutions, as well as thinking about the features of the final product, as well as consumer preferences and current trends. There are four main aspects to keep in mind when choosing the best plastic bottle for your product.


Its Purpose

Probably the most important aspect to consider, and the first step in your choosing your plastic bottle, is to figure out what the purpose of the packaging is. Think about the product, how it will be used, and in the industry it will be used in. How will the product be dispensed? Some bottle choices can be determined by the type of dispenser the product needs, and each type of bottle has a product it’s best suited to, based on the product ingredients, viscosity and dispensing method. Understanding the purpose of your product and the types of plastic bottle available for this product is essential to narrowing down your choice.

Consumer Preferences

The second thing to consider is consumer preference. Meeting customer needs and requirements is vital to successful plastic bottle packaging, so knowing your target audience is integral to choosing the ideal plastic bottle. Having a target audience will help you to find out if your customers prefer small or large sized plastic bottles, which may vary from product to product. Small, travel sized plastic bottles for example can be attractive to private customers for weekends away, but also large hotel chains looking for packaging for bathroom cosmetics. Your target audience and consumer preference have a lot of sway over the type of bottle you should choose.

Product Sensitivity

Plastic bottles should be chosen according to the final features of the product – certain features can have a big impact on the material, shape, colour and design of plastic bottle packaging. The two main questions to think about to get the right plastic bottle are is the liquid light sensitive, and are its ingredients harmful, acidic or corrosive?  Light sensitive products, such as medicines, should be packaged in a darker coloured, less transparent plastic bottle, so that the risk of the product coming into contact with light is reduced, and its contents stays as intended. Darker coloured PET bottles are a great choice for this, as they not only protect the liquid, but extend shelf life and keep products safe for use.


Acidic or corrosive liquids that are potential harmful, such as household chemicals, car care products and other cleaning products need their plastic bottle packaging material to be carefully chosen. The material needs to be resistant to a variety of acidic or corrosive liquids. Bottles made from PE or HDPE ensure the safe storage of a wide range of hazardous and non-hazardous liquids, and this material can be used for a number of bottles in different shapes and sizes, and can be combined with a variety of caps and closures. When choosing bottles, the technical parameters of the bottle, like neck size, need to be considered to ensure bottles and closures fit together correctly for safe dispensing.


Design and Current Trends

The final aspect to think about when choosing a plastic bottle for your product is current trends. Using the latest trends to influence packaging design will help you to make your packaging a visual experience for the customer. Plastic bottles with memorable designs, specific forms or in beautiful colours enhance the final appearance of a product and enable products to stand out from the crowd on the shelf and capture attention. Current trends should be consulted when choosing a plastic bottle.


Find the most appropriate and appealing packaging for your product by considering these four aspects when choosing the ideal plastic bottle. Browse our full range of plastic bottles and accompanying closures on the All In Packaging web shop.