Christmas is the time for family, food and festivities. Parties and family get-togethers make Christmas memorable for all. However, a lot of preparation and planning is needed to make the celebrations perfect in every way possible.

Parties are an integral part of Christmas celebrations, made even more special with good food and music. If you’re party planning this holiday season, feeding your guests is probably high on the list of priorities. Food trays, containers and jars are just some of the ways you can package and serve festive treats this Christmas. Available in different sizes, shapes, colours and designs, the food trays can be used for a number of purposes.

Christmas food trays are ideal for parties and special events, and can be customised with decorations to coordinate with your party theme. Perfect for serving cookies, pastries, mulled wine, juice, sandwiches, sweets and anything else you can think of, you’re guaranteed to have a completely unique food tray. But in addition to serving food, Christmas food trays, containers and other items can also have a variety of other uses. If you’re looking for some creative ideas on how to use food trays to make your party decorations and celebrations more successful, have a look at the list below.

Dazzling Decorations

Do you have too many food trays at home? Instead of putting the trays away in cupboards or just using them to serve festive treats, why not use food trays as home decorations to brighten up your celebrations? One idea is to hang food trays on walls. As the trays have deep edges, you can easily use it to make a shadowbox and display photographs or keepsakes, for instance. Make your trays more attractive by decorating them, and then hang them on the wall with pride. You’ll have unusual decorations that are sure to grab attention.

Display Collections

Are you wondering how to display your collection of favourite memories? Instead of buying something new, why not try your hand at upcycling and use special food trays to present your collection. You could place old black and white photographs on the tray, or display a set of candles on it. Use these food trays as a part of your Christmas and New Year decorations to make your home interior unique.

Message Boards

Food trays can also be used creatively as message boards. With a bit of creativity and imagination, your food trays can be easily turned into special Christmas or holiday message boards. Leave notes for loved ones, write about special events, display quotes and welcome your guests with fun, interactive message boards. You could even use a food tray to display your Christmas day menu  – they have so many uses! Special food trays can be easily turned into festive message boards, and make a nice change to a typical pin board.

Though the primary purpose of a Christmas special food tray is to serve foods and drinks, with a bit of imagination, you can find many other uses for them. Harness your creativity and talent this Christmas, and turn food trays into fun home décor.