Pill bottles, pill jars or glass pill bottles are a popular packaging item. Used frequently, we often have leftover pill bottles at home and don’t really know what to do with them. Empty pill bottles can have many uses beyond their intended purpose; so if you’re stuck for what to do with the remaining pill bottles and jars lying around your home, don’t just throw them away! Here are some fantastic ideas on how to reuse this packaging material.
Candle Holders
Glass pill bottles or pill jars can make creative candle holders. To make them work well and look pretty, take a few small pill bottles and stick them together with glue. Placing them in different heights as you glue them, or using different sized bottles, makes an uneven structure and a unique candle holder. Once you’ve glued your pill bottles together, you can really have some fun painting the bottles to make them look even better. These candle holders make great centerpieces for your table.
Make Up Organiser
Empty pill bottles make great make­up organisers.  This is an excellent way to keep your eye shadows, lip balms, glosses and other items easily arranged and visible, so you’re don’t always have to be digging through one make­up bag for your products when you most need them! Decorate your empty pill bottles in whatever design you like to really personalise them.
Smart Jewellery Holder
If you’re fond of jewellery, empty pill bottles or pill jars are a great way to keep all your favourite pieces safe and organised. If you’ve got a few leftover jars, divide your jewellery so you’ve got a container for earrings, another for rings and so on. You’ll love the way everything is so accessible, and there’ll be no more searching for one earring in a tangle of necklaces.
Travel Kit
When travelling, convenience is key. One great use for empty pill bottles or plastic pill containers with lids that can be carried in your bag is to fill them with your favourite moisturiser, shampoo, soap and other products. Small enough to carry with you, you’ve got the ease of having a go­to wash bag without it being a burden.
Sewing Kit
Keep a mini sewing kit in your bag, so that you’ve always got needles, thread, buttons and safety pins, just in case that pesky button falls off when you’re out of the house. Keep everything in the empty pill bottles and you’ll be able to see right through the containers to find whatever you need.
There are so many options for reusing empty pill bottles and containers. All you need is a little creativity and innovation, and you’ll have a whole host of possibilities!