Coca Cola Packaging All Over The World

Coca Cola, the leading manufacturer of aerated drinks has a packaging vision like no other company.
Coca Cola believes in zero waste and in this endeavor they support all initiatives which enable the recovery of their plastic packaging. The company believes that packaging is an important aspect of their business and it’s their responsibility to protect their products when delivering while ensuring that they do no harm to the environment. The company is relentlessly working towards sustainable plastic packaging. It is their packaging strategy to introduce sustainability in specific areas.

Light Weight Packaging– The Company ensures that very little natural resources are utilized in designing, protecting and transporting their beverages safely to customers. The company

has a global goal to improve all their shipping supplies material like plastic containers for packaging by at least 7% by the end of the year 2015.

Using Recyled Content and Renewable Materials– Coca Cola has always taken initiative in improving technology towards increasing the recycled content and using renewable plastic packaging material. The first recycled content material was successfully introduced in the year 1991 and have ever since then invested in building the best bottle to bottle recycling facilities across the globe. The main endeavor is to make food quality recycled packing supplies easily available across the globe.

Introduction of  PlantBottle™ technology

In the year 2009, the company introduced PlantBottle™ technology, which is the only plastic that is made using renewable resources and which can be fully recycled. This type of bottle meets all quality requirements of the core beverages.

Across the globe in every market, the company is trying to reduce all costs aggressively. With their continuing lightweight packaging, the company ensures that packing supplies costs are less while there are many environmental benefits. The company spends a lot on product designing too and ensures that very little natural resources are

used to protect products and to ensure that consumers get all products safely transported too. In the last two, the light weighting program adopted by the company has made savings of more than 0 million.


The company has achieved a lot in this endeavor:

  • It has successfully reduced the weight of its PET plastic bottle by 25%
  • It had reduced the weight of its 12 ounce aluminum can by 30%
  • Its 8 ounce glass bottle weight has been lightened by 50%

This is a worldwide initiative and bottlers across the globe are selecting their packaging supplies on the basis of consumer demand and needed legal requirements.

Coca Cola bottlers across the globe are looking for ways to reduce costs and optimize their plastic packaging as much as possible.

On the basis of their success in Japan, the company decided to extend their lightweight designed twisted bottle idea to many other markets of the world.

This was supported by the consistent 1-2-3 choose drink and twist communication which became quite famous worldwide. The design for these bottles employed PlantBottle™ material, which is the lightest of all material which is available in Japan. This kind of bottle plastic packaging is quite interesting and invites the users to twist and crush th

e bottle completely when it is empty. The purpose of this is saving space in the recycling bins and also saving money as well as energy which is needed in transporting the product.

Columbia– In Columbia, Coca Cola launched the famous Brissa bottled water. This was in a unique twistable Eco-flex packaging in 2012. This was a 600 ml bottle which used 23% lesser PET plastic. After the immense success in Japan, Coca Cola Columbia smartly promoted this new package with a smart advertising campaign which encouraged customers to drink from the bottle, twist the bottle, recap it and then recycle it once again.

Quite a similar campaign was launched in Coca Cola as Alpina bottled water which was an Eco Flex bottle and used less than 23% plastic.

Thailand– In Thailand the company re-launched its popular Namthip bottled water brand under a completely new brand identity. This was an eco crush bottle which made use of 35% less quantity of PET plastic.

All Coca Cola product packaging ensures that the quality of products is well maintained. The primary objective of the company is to ensure safe and quick delivery of refreshment for billions of people across the globe, everyday. 85% of unit case volume is generally delivered in many recyclable cans and bottles across the globe. These are delivered in specialized packages or plastic containers where the innovation of the company can actually make a difference and where the main focus of the company actually lies.

The company is doing everything to improve their plastic packaging, to do their best in balancing environmental concerns with the main need and intention to protect the quality of product. All efforts are undertaken ensuring that plastic packaging is improved while environment concerns are regularly balanced.

Not just this, Coca Cola is constantly striving to improve recycling process and doing their best to improve and expand all recycling programs and packaging supplies in the process. They are bound to make a difference in the world of shipping supplies for these bottles while contributing in a large way to save our environment.

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