Most of us wouldn’t think twice about applying sun protection lotions in summer to protect our skin from the sun, and taking care of our skin in winter should be equally as important.

During winter, when the weather can be cold and harsh, our hands and face require special care to prevent skin from drying out. Keeping our skin hydrated is essential, providing much needed moisture for skin that’s been dehydrated – not just from cold weather, but from indoor heat, too. Fortunately, the key to healthy, happy skin can be found in hand and face creams, often stored in handy cosmetic jars.

Used by both men and women, hand creams are a great solution for dry, chapped hands, just as face creams provide much needed relief for weather-damaged skin. For everyday products with sensitive ingredients, we need packaging that is both convenient and safe, and cosmetic jars offer the perfect solution.

A Safe Choice for Cosmetics

Designed to keep hygiene in mind so that careful balance of ingredients is not disturbed, cosmetic jars for hand and face creams come with an airtight seal to provide some essential features. As they can be sealed airtight, cosmetic jars prevent oxygen and external moisture from coming into contact with the cream stored inside. This ensures the contents stays fresh and prevents the contents from spoiling. Cosmetic jars are both moisture proof, which ensures the high quality of a product, and leak proof to stop product wastage.


Portability is important for cosmetic jars. Generally small in size, which means they fit into most bags and purses, cosmetic jars for hand and face creams are easily transportable. This makes them convenient for taking on weekends away, or even for just taking to work for applying products to dry skin during the day. If you walk to work, or just want to make sure your skin stays hydrated, the portability of cosmetic jars makes them a particularly appealing packaging solution.

Aesthetically Pleasing Packaging

An advantage of cosmetic jars for hand and face cream is their attractiveness. Usually made of glass, cosmetic jars are an aesthetically pleasing, elegant choice of packaging. As well as looking good and aiming to entice more customers on the shelf, glass jars also allow users to see how much of their product is left. In addition, thanks to the impermeable nature of glass, cosmetic jars increase the shelf life of their contents, keeping creams safe for extended periods of time – an advantage for cosmetic products. Cosmetic jars can be designed to suit a range of markets, and with numerous sizes, shapes and colours on offer, there’s a jar for every product, to appeal to every target market. Given that hand and face creams are a winter essential for all ages, the design quality is an appealing feature of using cosmetic jars for face and hand creams.

Vital products for winter, cosmetic jars for hand and face creams are an essential packaging item to combat dry and chapped skin. For those looking for new cosmetic jars to store products, you’ll find a great range at All In Packaging.