Winter is the season of colds, flu and sickness. Cold weather means less time spent outdoors, and more time inside with the heating on, where germs spread easily. Anyone who’s had a winter cold knows that they’re no fun, but in our busy lives, it’s not always easy to take a sick day. Thankfully, you can beat the winter sniffles without cancelling your plans by bringing your cold and flu relief medication with you, wherever you are.


With small packaging available in all sorts of shapes, sizes and designs, it’s the ideal packaging for daily dosages of numerous products. From flu relief tablets to cough syrups, throat lozenges to vitamins, small packaging such as bottles, jars and other containers are the perfect solution for carrying your cold remedies with you on the go. Store and transport painkillers, cold and flu sachets, tea bags, honey and anything else to help get you through the day, in small, convenient portions.


Small Plastic Bottles

Colds often come with headaches, and painkillers can really help ease any aches and pains. Small plastic bottles are a good option for painkillers, vitamins and other tablets. Strong and impact resistant, plastic bottles protect pills well and offer an airtight storage solution. Simply add however many tablets you need to keep your cold at bay for that day, and get on with your plans! You could also store flu sachets and tea bags in small plastic bottles quite easily.


Mini Glass Jars

Mini glass jars are great for packaging single doses of honey for you to add to a cup of tea when at work. With antibacterial properties, honey works wonders on winter colds and sore throats. Mini glass jars are the best choice as glass is an impermeable material, meaning any liquids – particularly food products – stored inside will be completely protected from contamination and stay safe to use all day long. Small glass jars are a good choice for cough syrups and other soothing liquids, too.


Lip Balm Tubes

As well as battling a winter illness, winter weather can be harsh on your skin. Combine this with constantly blowing your nose and you’ve got the perfect recipe for sore skin. Lip balms provide much needed relief for dry, chapped and cold-damaged lips and the skin around your nose, and lip balm tubes are the perfect size for slipping into your pocket. The twisting motion is easy to use and allows quick application when needed.


Convenience On the Go

Aside from the obvious benefits of easing your cold and flu symptoms, medicines and cold remedies stored in small packaging have the advantage of being convenient to take with you on the go. They’re ideal for slipping into your bag or purse so you can use your supplies exactly when you need them. Their accompanying tight lids provide secure seals that protect medicines from unwanted spilling, as well as from external conditions, and the lightweight materials make small bottles, jars and other containers extremely portable. Rather than unnecessarily transporting your entire medicine supply with you, you can simply take the amount needed for the day, so that you’re not weighed down but can still make sure that your cold doesn’t interfere with your daily plans.


Don’t let your illness get the better of you this winter: use small packaging to take your medicines with you on the go so you can combat winter flu without cancelling your plans. Browse our range of high quality, small sized packaging on the All In Packaging webshop.