Cosmetic products, intended to enhance the appearance of the body, vary hugely. From hairstyling products to skin cleansers and perfumes, the industry generates billions of sales each year. One product within the industry that continues to grow in popularity is lip cosmetics – predominantly lip balms and lip sticks. Containers for lip cosmetics are just as popular, and advances in packaging mean that for lip balm and lipstick containers, packaging has never been so varied and attractive.
Used both for make-up and personal care, lip balms and lipsticks are a top seller. Even the biggest names in the cosmetics industry have their own range of lip care products, so what about the packaging is it that makes this product so successful?
Available in numerous designs, sizes, materials, colours and even shapes, gone are the days when tube shaped containers were the only option for lip balms and lipsticks. Materials often used include ABS for a superior, glossy, durable container and polypropylene, used for the egg shaped containers that are growing in popularity, as well as novelty designs such as a macaron lip balm set, designed to appeal to a younger audience. Today, a wide range of packaging options means you can really personalise packaging to suit your product and brand.
Easy to transport
Unlike some other cosmetic products, lip balm and lipstick containers don’t take up much space. Thanks to small sizes and lightweight, hardy materials, it’s easy to simply carry the container in your bag, and you can even just slip one in your pocket for added convenience, without looking bulky or being weighed down. Container caps mean your lipsticks and lip balms can also be transported safely and hygienically.
Wide market
Despite popular belief, lip balms and lipsticks aren’t just for women! In today’s modern society, men are putting much more care and thought into their skincare routine, and using lip balms is just one area to consider. Similarly, sports such as sailing and skiing, where conditions can be extreme, call for the best skin protection, and this includes protecting your lips. For both men and women, lip care products are a necessity, so the market for lip balm and lip stick containers is constantly evolving and growing stronger.
Women, however, are proven to follow trends more closely, so are more perceptive to the latest products and market developments. Creative, innovative packaging is most likely to attract attention and generate sales.
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