Screw top plastic jars are a highly convenient packaging material, often used to store food products. In the food industry, high quality lids help to preserve food, keeping it in optimum condition. Screw top plastic jars are in steady demand, thanks to their cost effectiveness, availability in different shapes and sizes and unique designs. These plastic jars look stylish and smart and are easily portable. As well as keeping food fresh, screw tops add to the functionality of the product and prevent mold or bacterial growth.

Let’s take a look at what exactly makes these screw top plastic jars so convenient and ideal for food packaging, leading to such huge demand for this product.

Keeps Content Free From Contamination

Screw top plastic jars help ensure that food products are free from contaminants. The screw top lid guarantees that anything stored inside the plastic jar has no contact with the outside air or temperature, which means the food stays in good condition. Made from high quality food grade material, plastic jars keep food fresh and safe for consumption. When screw top plastic jars are used for food, there’s no fear of toxicity and any health risks associated with contamination are eliminated.

Ideal for Dry Goods

If you need to store food for long durations or for later use, then screw top plastic jars with lids are best. Ideal for food storage –particularly bulk cupboard essentials – simply put the dry goods in a container and close it with the screw top. The food stays fresh and retains its nutrients as expected. Dry food requires special storage, needing to be stored away from any humidity and moisture. Screw top plastic food jars ensure dry goods stay dry, making them a convenient choice of packaging.

Airtight Packaging

Screw top plastic jars provide useful airtight packaging in a sealed container and their use is recommended to keep food safe and dry. Airtight containers eradicate and prevent offensive odours that are often caused by the presence of bacteria and mold. The lesser oxygen the plastic jar is exposed to, the better the condition of the food stored inside. Plastic jars with a screw top ensure that the food does not get stale and reduces the growth of bacteria in the packaged food.

Great Durability

Plastic is a material best known for its great durability. Unlike glass packaging, plastic jars are sturdy, resistant and provide quality protection to products. Available in various sizes and capacities depending on your needs, plastic jars with screw tops look stylish and are an affordable packaging option – offering complete value for money.

Long lasting, convenient products, it’s not hard to see why high quality screw top plastic jars are a worthwhile investment and a wonderful packaging material.