Corrugated packaging is a relatively new innovation in the world of reliable packaging.
This new way of packaging is known for its ability to support weight and helps protect against temperature variations owing to the air that circulates in the flutes serving as an insulator. However, this is not all as corrugated packaging provides a range of benefits as an innovative packaging material.
This article will take a look at the various benefits of this packaging to help you understand why it is a good option for you when it comes to packaging requirements in different industries. Moreover, this article will also help you understand why it is gaining popularity as a disposable food tray.
Protective Packaging 
Corrugated packaging is designed to protect whatever that is packed inside from a variety of elements for example, bad weather. It serves as a superior cushion for both perishable and non-perishable products that have to undergo a process of handling, shipping and long distance transport. Further, the packaging can also vary in thickness and size depending on the durability and protection required. This serves as an ideal packaging for fragile contents including small glass bottles and helps keep them from damaging.
It is also tear resistant and helps protect packaged products from exposure from rough surfaces, keeping them from tearing. It is also among the most reliable food packaging materials particularly for food items that have to withstand significant shipping time. It helps protect food against spoiling and moisture during transportation and thus ensure that it is fresh at the time of delivery.
It is highly customizable and therefore a broad range of industries including plastic bottle manufacturers can use it for the transportation of different bottles. It can help the manufacturers protect their shipment from exposure to harsh temperatures and therefore, maintain their quality.
Variety of Packaging Solutions
It provides a variety of packaging solutions and can even provide static control and flame resistant qualities. Therefore, these are equally suitable for all industries when it comes to the safe transportation and packaging of their goods.

Disposable Food Trays
It also serves as an environmental friendly and cost-effective packaging alternative to aluminum foil and plastic food trays. Made from the renewable and recycled unbleached corrugated paperboard, it serves as beautiful and excellent strength disposable food trays.
Cost-effective and Durable 
Despite of their high performance, it is a cost-effective and durable means of packaging. Moreover, it is also light-weight that also helps keep shipping cost low.
The corrugated packaging is thus the today’s popular choice for the industrial packaging needs owing to the broad range of advantages that are associated with it as a packaging material.
Image source:
Dean Calma / IAEA