Packaging is the first thing a customer sees of a product, and in a saturated market, making sure your packaging stands out is essential. One way to achieve this is through customised packaging.

Customised Designs from Nordtek

Customised packaging allows you to offer a unique product to your customers, and thanks to technological advancements, you can now design and order tailor made packaging, specific for your customer needs, directly through Nordtek. Progressing technology has resulted in the ability to provide cheaper custom designs, offering fully customised packaging, in conveniently low quantities, at an affordable cost. Covering the entire design process, from sketches to 3D prototypes to the final product, Nordtek’s customised packaging services including design, label printing and 3D printing.

The Process

When you choose to create custom made packaging from Nordtek, our design team assists you in creating new, fully customised, unique packaging. The process starts with the design team creating a sketch of your packaging, which then undergoes 3D rendering to create prototype for you to visualise your product. Once the final design is approved, a mould is generated and production of the packaging then starts. To add further customisation, we can also provide unique labels for just about any surface, including a range of speciality labels. This whole process allows us to deliver to you a fully customised product that differs from other packaging.

Advantages of Customised Packaging

The biggest advantage to using Nordtek’s custom design service is that it provides a fully customised and unique product that distinguishes your product from others that are available, setting it apart from the rest. Specially designed products stand out from other products available as they offer something unique and personalised to the customer, providing a more tailored user experience. Catching customer attention is key to attracting sales, and custom designed packaging in a way to make sure your products are recognised for their packaging alone. Customers will receive a product that is completely individual.

With the custom design service, low quantities are available, so your custom designed packaging can be produced to suit your needs. Technological advancements have made customised packing much cheaper to produce, meaning custom designs are available at affordable costs. As the service is affordable, it’s a realistic possibility for everyone, and if the customised packaging has a good return on investment, then it’s cost-effective, too. The customised packaging service also benefits from short lead times, so you can get your products to the shelf as quickly as possible, without compromising on quality.  

Nordtek’s customised packaging service enables you to create high quality, unique products at affordable prices. Take a look at our design services to see how we can help you turn your ideas into reality.