As packaging concepts continue to develop over time with innovations, customer preferences and new technologies, amazing new products are being generated. While R&D has always been largely addressed in the beauty and health sector, where functionality and sustainability is of prime importance, the attractiveness of a package cannot be ignored. Now we’ve collected some new packaging concepts that are making a splash in the packaging world with their unusual functionality aspects to perhaps give us a good idea where we are today, and what’s up next in the industry. 

Self-Heating Tubes

Cosmogen, a Parisian-based cosmetic packager, recently introduced a new self-heating tube for beauty products. These special tubes can heat to any temperature, as needed, and are perfect for products like anti-wrinkle creams, facial masks, body oils and even hair treatments. This is a completely new experience for customers and they are simply in love with the convenience and product enhancement. The construction uses two tubes–one tube fits just inside the other– with the outer reservoir containing the core product, and the inner receptacle filled with a sodium acetate solution. Once the consumer breaks the security strip, the acetate mixture starts to crystallize, which creates heat to warm the product.

Amazing Audio Content

Imagine hearing a product that sounds as good as it looks. That was the thinking behind Luxe Packaging’s latest innovation. Using printed electronics, which are used to create the audio content, Luxe has been able to attract the attention of consumers in a rather unique way. Functioning with haptic max technology, the packaging uses a wrapped, rigid box, which has its audio circuits internally embedded to discreetly provide sound. A flexible membrane is also laminated to the paper to wrap the hinged box and is free of wiring, mechanical switches or plastic housings. There are three buttons that appear on the on the outer material and show quite prominently on the wrapped box. Once a button is pressed, an audio clip is activated. Leo Luxe believes that this same kind of technology can also be easily used for different types of sensory stimuli, which could be a great combination of flashing LED lights and noises.

EcoPush Packaging

Chicago Paper Tube & Can Company has been rightfully awarded for their innovative EcoPush tube, a sort of cosmetics or health product tube, but quite different because of its eco-friendliness. Beauty oils offered in an EcoPush tube can take advantage of the 100% paperboard construction, but this is an interesting applicator or dispenser for super hydrating balms needed in lip care, for example. Using new water based glue, this packaging targets a reduction of waste, which continues to be a huge problem across the globe. In fact, this product’s only waste is paperboard fiber, which can even be recycled by the company.

As new processes and technologies enable packaging companies to help their products evolve, they continue to work to create the ultimate packaging though the best combinations of functionality and practicality.

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