We’re constantly looking for ways to make life easier, and in the packaging industry, this means creating efficient yet innovative packaging solutions. For manufacturers of cosmetics, quick, clean and easy dispensing of liquid products is at the forefront of design specifications, and it’s these features that make pumps a leading dispensing mechanism. Lock up and down pumps in particular are changing the way liquid products can be used, offering a great solution for dispensing lotions and creams.

What is a Lock Up and Down Pump?

Lock up and down pumps are attached to a container to enable easy dispensing of a liquid product – mainly products with a high viscosity such as creams and lotions. All that’s needed is one hand to press the pump, and as the pump acts as a seal, there’s no need for an additional cap.  Available in white and with a number of neck sizes and dip tube lengths, lock up and down pumps provide a user-friendly experience with multiple benefits for packaging.

Safe and Secure to Transport

One aspect of packaging that is important for both customers and manufacturers is portability. Easy to transport packaging needs to be both durable and secure so that products aren’t damaged or spilled. Lock up and down pumps offers these features, making them ideal packaging for transporting. The pump stays securely fastened until opened, so brands can transport products to shelves with peace of mind, while customers can take products home safely after purchasing, knowing that until the pump is opened, the product is entirely secure and won’t spill. Unlike traditional pumps that remain open after the first use, lock up and down pumps, once opened, can be twisted to lock closed. This is a brilliant solution for travelling. There’s nothing worse than creams and lotions spilling all over your belongings in a suitcase due to lids coming undone or pumps dispensing, but with lock up and down pumps this risk is removed. The development of lock up and down pumps with Child Resistant Caps gives an added dimension of reassurance, in that they enable products to be stored safely in the home.

Reduce Waste

To get value for money with products, preventing product wasting is essential, which is why lock up and down pumps are a great option for dispensing lotions and creams. Whereas tubes can spray liquids everywhere when squeezed, the lock up and down pump avoids spillages as products are dispensed in a smooth, controlled and accurate manner to a directed area. The possibility for dosing the amount dispensed means less waste, helping products last for longer and offering customers a cost-effective dispenser.

If you’re not already sold on the portability, ease of use and cost efficiency of lock up and down pumps, their ability to fit a varied market should appeal. As the dip tube can be cut to length, the lock up and down pump is suitable for practically any size of container, making them a great choice for a range of products. You can find a selection of high quality lock up and down pumps, as well as a wide range of accompanying bottles and containers, on the All In Packaging web shop, so take a look to see how this product could benefit your products.