Nothing is more personal at Christmas than being given a homemade gift. Requiring some thought, time and effort, along with a lot of creativity, homemade gifts are the perfect personalised present for family and friends.

DIY gifts are a fun and easy option for loved ones this Christmas. There are plenty of ideas to use, and with only a few supplies normally required, homemade gifts cost virtually nothing to make!

Endless Ideas Using Jars

Plastic and glass jars are a versatile packaging item that make for brilliant DIY gifts. Snow globes, pencil holders, candle holders, vases and quirky drinking glasses are just some of the presents that can be made from plastic and glass jars – all that’s needed is some creative design.

Using recipes found online, you can make your own products. Homemade candles are fairly easy to make, look impressive once finished and are a favoured Christmas gift for people of all ages. Once made, choose a stylish glass jar to store them in, decorate the jar if desired and you’ve got  a lovely, personalised and unique present. Alternatively, you could make mini greenhouse gardens for any green-fingered family members by planting seeds in soil inside a jar and using stencils, paint and twine to make an eye-catching exterior. Place a cactus inside a personalised jar for a more exotic gift. You could even simply fill a jar with sweets and cover the outside of the jar in glitter for a really easy gift. The possibilities for DIY gifts really are endless when using glass and plastic jars, and there’s plenty to choose from at All In Packaging (AIP).

Homemade Beauty Products

Everyone loves to receive beauty products, and homemade cosmetics are equally as impressive as store bought. Lip balms, soaps and body scrubs can be easily made if you follow instructions and make great, natural presents for both men and women. Our products at AIP are ideal for storing homemade cosmetics. Choose from containers, jars, bottles and lip balm tubes, as well as tubes and tottles for squeezy products. All are available in a variety of materials, colours, shapes and sizes to help you personalise your presents and match packaging to personality.

Gifts for Children

It’s not just adults who can appreciate DIY gifts this Christmas: homemade gifts for children can be a fantastic way to give a present that you can guarantee no-one else will have, making it completely unique for that child. Plant pots, piggy banks, toy animals and toy cars can all be made using plastic bottles, with only a few other supplies required! Plastic bottles with plastic caps for wheels make perfect toy cars, or add two straws to the top to make a helicopter. Kids will love that their gift has been made just for them, and you can really customise their present using simple items such as felt, paint and beads. Hours of fun for very little cost!

Try Before you Buy

You can find loads of ideas online for making DIY gifts, so if you’re need a bit of inspiration to help you get started, a simple search will set you on the right path! Once you’ve decided on your product, you just need the packaging. At All In Packaging, free sample packaging is available for you to test before you commit to making the final product! See whether the packaging you’ve chosen works well for you with a free sample. With thousands of items to choose from, there’s something for everyone. Packaging can be bought in small quantities from All In Packaging, which is ideal for individuals.

Leftover packaging can be the basis of most DIY Christmas gifts, and at All In Packaging, you’ll find thousands of items to help you make the perfect presents for loved ones this holiday season.