We all have these small jelly jars at home. We buy jelly that is packaged in these jars. They look cute and are useful too. They are easy to carry and can keep the jelly in good condition for a long period. However, if you are really fond of jelly and you do not make them yourself, you will definitely have several of these jars at home. How do you use them?

Have you been throwing them away or have you been laying them somewhere in your house? It is time for you to change that situation. You can actually re-use these jars in different ways and increase their utility. You do not have to be highly innovative, crafty or creative to use these jars in this way. All you need is a bit of patience and a lot of determination. You will simply love the way you use these jars. So, for all those who will be interested and would love to re-use the small glass jars, here are some interesting ideas.

How About Jar Candles?   

Candles make lovely gifts and when you make them at home, they are really special. You can make small jar candles that are cute and useful at the same time. You just need to wash off the label and use the jars. You can prepare scented candles. You can also decorate these candles to make them look prettier. If you have plenty jars, you can add some colour and have a variety of  colourful jars.  They look interesting and smart in every way.

Make Fairy Pots

Fairy pots make fun gift items for little ones. They are unique, look creative and are used to make too. All that you need to do is glue some plants or dried leaves in their bottom. You can also stick a tiny model fairy and stick a small label on its lid. You will have a great gift item for your little one.

Storage for Sauces, Herbs, Spices and Dips

When next you plan your outing and frantically search for a nice container to carry your sauces and dips, these small jelly jars are going to be useful. Just pour your sauce and dip, close the lid and carry them. However, you might have to refrigerate the contents to keep them fresh. So, be careful on how you store the package to enable it freshness last longer. These jars can also be used to store your spices and herbs for a long time. If you buy herbs and spices in bulk and wish to preserve them for later use, these small jars are of great use.

Storage for Homemade Cosmetics

How do you store cosmetics or homemade beauty products for long? In order to store cosmetics, you will need something safe for a long duration. These  small glass jars can be used to store a wide range of beauty products such as; moisturisers, cream, shampoo and other products. Also, you can use a spatula to take content from the jar when needed.

There are other ways you can use the small jelly jars. You just need to find their use and re-use them. So, next time you have a small jelly jar at home and you do not know what to do with them, just try something little in them. You will love how you can reuse these jars.