There are often times when we need to handle and use small quantities of liquid. One type of packaging enabling this is a dropper. An essential item in the pharmaceutical industry, droppers provide a way to deliver an accurate and specific dosage of product. With many benefits and top features, droppers are an extremely useful product in the packaging world.

Best known for dispensing liquid in drops, dropper bottles and lids function in various ways, depending on the type of cap fitted. A dropper with rubber handles work when the handle is squeezed gently to draw in a liquid. Liquid is then expelled when the handle is slowly released. Others simply have a fitted cap that acts as the dropper, dispensing liquid in a small, measured dose. The general advantage of dropper bottles is that they all enable the user to have full control over liquid dispensing.

A popular choice for pharmaceuticals

Predominantly used in the pharmaceutical industry, products such as eye drops, ear drops – and even nose drops – all make use of the dropper, allowing measures of medicine to be transferred to a small, precise and often delicate area with ease. Liquids in dropper bottles cannot be poured, so there’s no risk of over medicating – vital in the pharmaceutical industry – or wasting a product. The ability to control amounts of liquid being transferred make droppers ideal for those making their own cosmetics, for example, and other areas where precise measurements are essential.

Benefits of droppers

Although their popularity is largely due to the fact that they allow liquids to be dispensed in small, accurate amounts, the lightweight and compact appearance of droppers make them a highly convenient and transportable product.

Droppers are also extremely hygienic. As the liquid isn’t being exposed to any external factors, and there’s no need for the dropper itself to come into contact with anything, the risk of spreading of germs is minimal. Complete control means little wastage and careful, accurate dispensing when dealing with administering medication in droppers. Glass droppers in particular are ideal for medicine as the glass material prevents chemicals from seeping into the medicine, ensuring complete safety.

Dropper bottles are a flexible choice of packaging. Bottles are available with various types of cap, including tamper evident and child resistant caps to guarantee the utmost security and provide parents with peace of mind when keeping medicines in the house. Serum caps and dropper plugs are also a possibility for dropper bottles; each offers a different dosage and can be chosen to best suit the product.

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