How many times have you been frustrated while trying to open a package? When you’re in a hurry, nothing is more annoying than trying – and struggling – to open layers of packaging material, or having to rush to look for tools to open a packaged product.

Surveys have revealed that customers are often annoyed or frustrated with packages that take time to open or that have a complex opening mechanism. No matter how innovative, smart or sustainable a package is, if it takes too long or too much effort to open, it definitely won’t be the preferred choice of packaging. Therefore, companies involved in package manufacturing should ensure that the opening mechanism is functional, easy and convenient.

Easy opening packages can boost your sales. This is one packaging feature that often goes ignored, while other factors such as functionality, protective ability and cost factors are taken into account. Do you want your buyers to feel frustrated or angry when they can’t open packaging quickly or when they need additional tools or help to open a package? Don’t let this happen with your packaging.

What are Easy to Open Packages?

Any package that takes little effort and time to open is referred to as an easy to open package. This can be in any form; you might be able to simply tear the package apart, or just need to slit it open to have your product in hand. Easy to open packages can be opened in haste and without additional help or equipment. Easy to open packages do not require additional production costs, as it’s the technique that accounts for easy to open status, rather than enhanced technology or use of an expensive material.

Plastic bottles, plastic containers, pouches, pill bottles and jars are a few products that are easy to open. They simply have a cap or a lid that needs to be twisted or moved in a certain direction to open. These products, therefore, are some of the most popular packaging items. Cardboard packaging can be a different story. How many times have you found cardboard packaging to be complex and often needing a lot of effort to open? If you use cardboard packaging for your products, check how quickly the packaging can be opened.

A recent survey revealed that vacuum-packed products – used especially in packaging food items – often need a tool to open. These packages usually cause a lot of frustration for older people in particular, who find it irritating to open. If your target customers are elderly people, you should be considering easy to open packages.

Buyers look forward to receiving packages that can be quickly and easily opened for a number of reasons. Firstly, most of us follow a fairly hectic schedule and buy packaged products – especially food items – because we are in a hurry and packaged products are convenient. In busy situations, having to spend a lot of time opening a package is definitely not convenient. Additionally, if you then need special tools to open packages, this adds to the frustration. Packages that require additional tools are therefore difficult to transport, as it’s not always feasible to carry special equipment for opening with you.

Popularity Of Easy Open Packaging:

Easy to open packages are highly popular, thanks to the following qualities:

* Functional and just as protective

* Quick to open

* Convenient

* No additional tools needed to open

* Easily used by the elderly

It’s important to remember that if your objective is customer satisfaction, you need to offer what customers look for and want in packaging. Switch to easy to open packages for a packaging solution that is always welcomed by consumers.