Most of us have experienced that familiar ping of our email inbox as a newsletter that we subscribed to is delivered. Whether we receive them weekly, monthly, or even quarterly, the majority of us have, at some point, subscribed to a newsletter. The reason? To get the latest deals and information from a brand we’re interested in.

Despite this, many people consider newsletters to be a form of spam. But when done successfully, newsletters are actually highly beneficial, both for sellers and buyers.

How Does a Newsletter Work?

A newsletter is a great way to keep customers up to date with the most recent news and information about a brand. Newsletters should provide subscribers with relevant and interesting information that is of value to them, to make reading the newsletter worthwhile. Customers typically subscribe to a newsletter via a website by giving their email address to join the newsletter mailing list.

Advantages for Sellers

In the hands of the seller, a newsletter is a valuable marketing tool. Designed to give information to subscribers, it reminds the customers of the brand and its products, with the potential to generate sales. As they are generally sent by email, any products detailed in the newsletter usually have direct links to the company webpage embedded, which makes purchasing products a much easier experience, as there’s no need for customers to spend time searching. Sellers may see sales of featured products increase as a result of a newsletter.

Newsletters can also provide a great way for brands to monitor customer interaction. Tracked links can be used to measure newsletter open rates and to analyse whether products and promotions detailed in the newsletter lead to an increase in web page visits and product sales. Tracked links in newsletters enable sellers to see what they’re doing right, and the areas they could improve on to make the newsletter more appealing and engaging for customers.

Advantages for Customers

Whilst it’s beneficial for brands to create newsletters for marketing purposes, the intention is for the newsletter to attract customers, and for this, a newsletter needs to offer some benefits to the reader. For the customer, a newsletter is a way to receive the latest news and offers directly from a brand. Those on a newsletter mailing list are often among the first few to be informed of the brand’s new products, services, stock information and promotions, and it’s these features that make customers want to subscribe to a newsletter. They offer customers a unique way of acquiring product discounts that are often available exclusively to newsletter subscribers. It’s fairly common for newsletters to be personalised so that customers are addressed directly.

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