If fragrance is the vehicle for all your marketing endeavors, remember that along with great quality fragrance, you need to have a compelling and attractive package for your perfume, too, so that customers pick it up for its packaging at first. Perfumes should be packaged in attractive, functional cartons which have a unique scent. Innovative perfume packaging is a way to boost sales, along with its great fragrance.
What does it take to have a great perfume packaging? How should packaging designers approach all challenges while creating or designing a new fragrance? Here are some factors that are considered when packaging a perfume.
Structure of A Package
Colognes or perfumes are available in attractive bottles and in smart decorative toppers. Cartons should be attractive enough to stand out, so that they are able to grab the attention of customers. Rectangular shaped packages or standard folding packaging is often attractive. In case a standard shape is used for packaging, it is always a good idea to revamp packaging structure so that it turns out to be more interesting. Special openings can be made, which make the package interactive and help in keeping customers engaged for a longer period.
Packaging Texture
Perfume packaging, in order to be appealing and attractive, uses a number of textural elements, which include embossing, special kind of color, lettering or branded logos. Specially designed raised, designer surfaces, help in creating a tactile effect which makes the package also visually appealing. It also helps in encouraging proper handling of packages. Visually appealing elements help in drawing customer attention while texture helps in adding value to the product.
If a celebrity is promoting a new perfume line, then everything related to this specialized perfume packaging design has to stand out from one another. The brand should be smartly correlated to the image of the celebrity. To create a design which matches the celebrity star power, packaging designers have to work really hard. They need to think something beyond the basic substrates type of look. It is all about specialized coatings, specially prepared holographic patterns and also, metallic paper. All these materials combine together to help in making perfume packaging stand out.
Specialized Coatings
Protective and specialty coatings are closely associated with perfume packaging. It might be a special kind of specialty coating which helps with an off press element or a simple protective coating which should be applied to protect the lettering or adding effects. Coatings are a smart way of folding carton packaging into star power. The perfume packaging industry uses smart combinations of different coatings that help in creating a unique effect, which customers love, as they love their favorite brand of perfume.
Both specialty and protective coatings are a must when developing perfume packaging. Whether a specialty coating will allow for an off-press element or a protective coating needs to be applied to protect fine lettering or effects, coatings are key to giving folding carton packaging star power. Different combinations of coatings can create a truly unique effect that customers will love nearly as much as the scent of the perfume itself.
There are great low-end to high-end perfume packaging and exploration is the key to success.