Packaging Companies have existed since ages though the technology has changed through the years. Several companies in the past had entered this industry but unfortunately quit within a short time, due to high competition and rising customer demands in terms of innovation, quality, versatility and pricing as well. Still there are many other packaging companies which grew immensely over the years and still continue to grow.


Here are some such famous packaging companies in history.


Reynolds Group Holdings


This is a famous packaging company which traces its roots to Reynolds Metals Company. Reynolds Metal was a famous aluminum company and packaging supplier (2nd largest in US and 3rd largest in world). Reynolds Wrap is one of the most famous products of the company along with aluminum for which it was considered to be the winner. The company has its headquarters in Richmond, Virginia. In June, 2000 Alcoa acquired the company. In 2008, the consumer unit of Alcoa, was bought by Graeme Hart. The company now had a new name – Reynolds Packaging Group. Soon, other packaging units were merged and Reynolds Group Holdings was created.


The company has a long history and traces back to 1926, when Reynolds Metals started the production of aluminum foil, which is one of the most important components of retail packaging supplies and is always in high demand. This is the company, which is credited to have manufactured gravure printed foil, foil bags which were heat seals, the much in demand aluminum bottle labels and insulation paper. All these products are much in demand retail packaging supplies and are stacked up by leading packaging suppliers to meet customer demands. The company soon started mining aluminum ore or bauxite in its unit in Arkansas. It set up its aluminum plant in Alabama. In 1947, the Company started producing aluminum foil which was its most famous creation. This is now the largest and most renowned Aluminum Company of the United States.


Coca Cola Packaging Company


Perhaps, no other Company understands the importance of a good retail packaging design, than Coca Cola. One of the leading Beverages companies of the World, Coca Cola understands the need of the right kind of packaging supplies and the importance of an effective retail packaging design to safeguard the quality while assuring safe delivery. The Company follows eco-friendly packaging design which can be recycled so that packaging bottles not just safeguard the drink quality and take care of delivery of the drink, but also ensures that it does not fill up lands. Coca Cola bottles are recyclable and with this effort, the Company ensures that there is maximum gain from effective use of all resources.

The Company is committed to set a standard in sustainable packaging. It aims to achieve zero waste in all its operational units. It aims to recycle much more packaging than they can actually use. The Company takes care of every packaging aspect which includes retail packaging design, kind of packaging supplies or material used, weight of packaging, disposal of all packaging material, recovery of packages after use and recycling. All this is done with the sole motive of optimizing resources and reducing all kinds of carbon footprint.


Every year, Coca Cola sets a new challenge for themselves in terms of retail packaging design and evolving as a packaging supplier with the use of lesser packaging material, with more use of recycled retail packaging supplies and by ensuring that all their packages are recyclable. By the year 2020, the Company has a commitment of recycling much more packaging material than they use. The Company focuses on three stages of the packaging lifecycle –


  • Consumer Behavior and the disposal of packaging material
  • Collecting as well as sorting
  • Re-using and later reprocessing packaging material

Bosch Packaging Technology Company

Located in Germany, the Company employs more than 5600 associates. The Company produces total packaging solutions for food, pharmaceuticals and confectionary industries. The Company aims at offering retail packaging supplies which are both beneficial and highly innovative. With improved retail packaging design, the solutions offered by the Company are certainly beneficial and

highly innovative.


Advanced Poly Packaging Inc

Known for producing the most important retail packaging supplies in the form of poly bags, the Company has been in the business for more than 35 years now. One of the leading packaging suppliers, Advanced Poly Packaging Incconfidently designs customized poly bags as per client requirements, for clients located at different parts of the world. They offer special pricing deals at specific times of the year for enhanced customer experience. Known to produce packaging solutions that are accurate, versatile and durable, the Company is undoubtedly, one of the leading packaging suppliers today.

The list of some of the famous Packaging Companies does not end here – there are many more companies which are a part of the packaging industry and offering innumerable innovative packaging solutions.