Food packaging is one of the most crucial types of packaging – essential for food safety and for protecting food during transit and during its shelf life. Used by manufacturers to ensure complete protection of produce from external factors and to improve food quality and therefore sales; by restaurants and takeaways to enable safe transportation of food and by consumers at home for storage, food packaging is varied and constantly evolving to keep up with growing customer demand.

At All In Packaging, we offer a huge range of food packaging products, from trays and containers to PET jars and plastic champagne flutes. With so many products available, knowing how each product is best used can be overwhelming, so we’ve put together some top features of several food packaging products available on the All In Packaging web shop.

Trays, plates and food containers

Storing, selling and presenting food on trays and plates is a great way to make it look appetising and to show customers that the food packaged is in perfect condition. Tray and plate packaging provides a solution for presenting food in a hygienic and desirable way, with little material needed for this type of packaging.

If you’re looking for a packaging product for transporting and taking food home, plastic boxes and food containers are the answer. Ideal for use by takeaway restaurants, food containers can also be used for transporting your lunch to work or taking food on a picnic. Special plastic moulding techniques assist in capturing a reduced oxygen air mixture, which helps to extend the shelf life of the packaged content by slowing down bacteria growth, keeping food products fresher for longer. As well as keeping food fresh, containers can be personalised, acting as a promotional tool for brand exposure, as well as offering a bespoke product for a customer.

In the food packaging industry, convenience is key, and many of the trays, plates, plastic food boxes and plastic food containers available from All In Packaging are safe to microwave, meaning food can easily be reheated when are where needed.

PET jars

Certain items are kitchen staples: salt, pepper, spices, and sugar – the list goes on. When opened, it can be difficult to find somewhere to store these products in an organised way that also keeps them fresh. PET jars, with different sizes, shapes and designs available, are the perfect packaging choice for storing such food products. PET jars take up little space in the kitchen, look good and can be used time and time again for various products, making them a cost-effective investment. Similarly, bottles and jars are on offer and come with novelties such as spice caps and liquid dispensers for sauces – making it even easier to season your food when cooking!

Small jars

Often, people like to try before they buy, and being able to offer product samples is a great way to attract new customers. Small jars are ideal for food markets and stands, enabling you to give out takeaway testers in high quality food packaging, boosting the appeal of your product. Small jars also provide sophisticated packaging for luxury speciality products in small quantities, such as caviar and chutneys. Transparent surfaces allow customers to see their product and how much they have left, as well as helping to attract buyers.

Plastic champagne flutes

Food packaging doesn’t just relate to edible products; drinks packaging is an important aspect. A bottle of bubbly adds an elegant twist to any picnic or garden party, and having a real glass to drink out of is even better. At All In Packaging you can buy plastic champagne flutes – the ideal option for outdoor events where glass isn’t necessary or allowed. As they’re made from plastic, these champagne flutes are safe for children to have their soft drinks from, too.

Glass containers can deliver a smart food packaging solution for many products. As an impermeable material, glass ensures food retains the same great taste for a long time, and looks good too!

All of the above products, as well as a wide range of other food packaging solutions in both plastic and glass are available on the All In Packaging web shop. You’ll find the perfect packaging choice for your products.