Foam Pumps and Trigger Sprayers How They Work

Trigger sprayers or spray bottles as they are known work as excellent tools to draw cleaning fluid like liquid soaps for convenient use. They use a specialized plumbing technique which helps to smoothly draw out the liquid from the bottle. A spray bottle head has just a few parts. It has a specialized trigger lever which works to activate a small pump. This small pump is well attached to another plastic tube. This plastic tube helps in drawing cleaning fluid or liquid soap from the reservoir. The pump of this trigger spray helps to force the liquid down a small narrow barrel and then to move out of a very small hole which is present in the gun’s muzzle. This muzzle acts as the focus of the flowing liquid which helps it to flow through a concentrated stream.

Trigger spray has a simple design but the only complex element in their design is the fluid pump. The piston is the primary moving element which is well placed inside a cylinder. In this cylinder, there is also a small size spring. To use this pump of trigger sprayers, the trigger needs to be pulled back. On pulling the trigger, the piston is pushed in the cylinder.  The piston which is now moving helps in compressing the spring. Thus, when the trigger is released the piston is actually pushed back out of the cylinder. These special two strokes of any piston which is done into and out of the cylinder constitute the entire pumping cycle and explain how these trigger sprays work.

Many spray bottles have a one way valve. Any spray bottle has two such one way valves in the pumping system. There is one valve between the reservoir and the pump and the other valve between the nozzle and pump. The valve which exists between the reservoir and pump has a small rubber ball which rests smartly in a small sealed area. The sides of this seal are well angled which ensures that the rubber ball does not fall. Quite depending on the design, the small spring holds this ball against the seal which helps in blocking the water passageway, when pumping does not take place. As the piston moves out, the trigger is released and the expanding section of the cylinder slowly sucks the fluid that is present below which helps in pulling the ball. The ball gets lifted up and the fluid starts to flow freely. As the trigger is squeezed, there is an outward force of the fluid which helps in pushing the ball into the seal. This blocks the passage to reservoir. The fluid then gets pushed inside the barrel.

When Using A Spray Bottle For The First Time – What Happens?

When any spray bottle is used for the first time, the trigger needs to be squeezed a number of times so that the cleaning fluid is sprayed. Two things happen during this process. Before the pumping is started, the gun is already in a down stroke position and not upstroke. This means that piston sits just outside the cylinder. As the trigger is pulled back, the piston is pushed in and there is no liquid to pump out. The cylinder chamber has just air. The piston in such a case has to slide out slowly so that any fluid is sucked out from the reservoir.

With the first upstroke, the pump begins to suck the liquid which is in the reservoir. However, with the liquid it also sucks any quantity of air which is present in this plastic tube which leads towards the reservoir. Before the spraying cleaning liquid is sprayed, this air needs to be driven out with the help of pump mechanism. This will need a few upstrokes and down strokes.

What Happens In Foam Pumps?

Any foaming soap pump has specific two chambers. Once chamber is meant for pumping air and the other is for pumping liquid. Both air and liquid are forced through the same small nozzle. Thus, in this way foam is formed. To get good foam, you need to push this push bar. Any foam pump or soap dispenser is a specialized device which when triggered properly or manipulated yields soap in small quantities which can be used probably once. This is the specialty of any foaming soap pump which ensures that there is no wastage. This can be operated using a handle also or can be operated automatically. Foaming soap pumps or dispensers as they are referred to are usually found in public restrooms. These dispensers ensure complete hygiene.Soap dispensers have different designs which are based mainly on their working style and are generally determined by how the soap comes out – in the form in which soap is dispensed like in foam form, liquid or powdered form. If the soap comes out in liquid form, it is generally a squeeze bottle or a squeeze pump. The most common type of soap dispensers of this category is the plastic pump bottles, most of which are easily disposable.

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