Foam pumps, mainly used for dispensing liquids in the cosmetics industry, provide a quick and easy way to turn liquids into foam. Mostly made from polypropylene, foam pumps can be purchased alone, or prefilled with a liquid soap.

How to use
Dispensing liquids in the form of foam, foam pumps mix a very small amount of liquid soap with water in the foaming chamber to create a watery consistency. The pump, when pressed, adds oxygen to the mixture, so when forced through the pump actuator, foam is created and dispensed. It’s important for the initial mixture to be watery, as a too thick mixture can damage the pump or cause it to work improperly.
Available in a range of colours and in a variety of neck sizes, foam pump packaging, consisting of a container or bottle with foam dispenser, offers an easy and user-friendly experience
Advantages of foam pumps
The biggest advantage of foam pumps is that they are economical. For both customers and manufacturers, foam pumps save money as they turn liquid soap into foam, which reduces soap usage. Very small amounts of liquid soap are needed in the foam chamber, as the soap is then diluted and mixed with water to create a dose of foam.
For manufacturers, this provides cost-effective packaging, as they only need to mix a small portion of liquid soap with water, meaning less soap is used overall and can therefore be stretched further for the same production costs. As a result, liquid soap producers largely use this packaging alternative as a means of saving money on the basic elements of their product.
For customers, foam pump dispensers offer a cheaper alternative to traditional pumps with a bottle as the same amount of product is dispensed, but using less liquid soap as the foam pump dilutes the product with water to create the foam, meaning products last longer. Consumers can save money on liquid soap by using foam pump dispensers.
Another advantage is that foam pumps are easy to use. They can be operated with one hand, and as a non-aerosol pump, the mechanism won’t clog up. As a refillable product, pump dispensers can be used again and again. They also provide a hygienic packaging option: as no one touches the actual soap, foam pumps reduce the risk of spreading germs between users.
By using foam pumps, liquid soaps can be used for a longer time than with traditional pump dispensers, truly offering value for money! Overall expenses can be reduced as a result, making foam pumps a great choice for consumers and manufacturers alike.
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