Packaging companies need to do things fast and innovatively at the same time.

Though there are several packaging machines involved, it sometimes may happen that you need to pack a parcel and that too really fast. It might be a personal recommendation or something which you are emotionally attached to. This implies you need to have a rough idea about the packaging design you need for your parcel. Without a proper packaging design in mind, you will be completely clueless about how to wrap your parcel faster.

In such a case, you need to know the general principles of packaging and most importantly how to wrap a parcel faster. You cannot spend hours wrapping up something, especially when you are in a hurry. Here are some quick tips on how to wrap up your parcel or packing boxes quickly and efficiently.

Important steps in wrapping a Parcel faster and neatly

Clean Your Parcel Wrapping– Before you start wrapping the item in cardboard boxes, you need to ensure that the wrapper being used in new or is fresh and is clean and there is no dust or damage on the wrapper. It will waste all your efforts to pack it elegantly if the packaging wrapper is not good enough. It not only will look shabby but it can damage the item inside also. Ensure that all wrapping accessories and all cardboard boxes to be used are at one place and you get everything you need quickly.

Use Specialized Wrapping– There are many different types of wrapping material available depending on how you would like to pack your product, the packaging design you have and the amount of money you are willing to spend. You need to pick a wrap depending on the type of product and distance it will be traveling and how. Moreover, depending on your budget, you can pick up a wrap for your product.

Bubble wraps are excellent packaging material as these are cost effective and are quite easy to use and are especially suitable for packaging fragile items in cardboard boxes. If you are in a really hurry do not try rolling over the product over bubble wrapper and then cutting off excess wrap material. (Bubble wrappers are available in a large number of varieties as per specific needs of users) Instead you can use a cardboard tube and then quickly roll the bubble wrap on it which makes the roll quite easy to handle.

Keep All Wrapping Accessories Nearby– When you sit to pack your parcel you need to have everything close by. Think about all accessories which you will need to wrap your parcel, which includes cardboard boxes, adhesive, scissors, pins, stapler, paper, pen, paper and anything which is going to offer support to the package. If you wish to do it fast, ensure that you have everything close by and you do not waste time scurrying for the adhesive or pen or scissors. This dampens the spirit, spoils the mood and wrapping is not well done.

Roll the Wrap Tight– When you are using a wrap, you need to ensure that the wrap is tight enough to keep the items in packing boxes firm and does not make them bang against the cardboard box or the packing box. This prevents unnecessary movement which can damage the item during transit, which happens with goods are packed in ill fitting cardboard boxes. Try to wrap up the product at once and do not give breaks when wrapping as it will have a tendency of loosening the tightness. Tight wrapping is extremely important for protection of the product and also helps in easy transit.

Information – Wrapping your parcel is incomplete till you put down written information on it with label printing. Your parcel should have some basic details on its cover which includes information pre-printed postage information and other labels. In case you are packing a few items, you can use label printing technology on the wrapper all by

yourself. However, if you have plenty to wrap and you need to work really fast, you can take help from packaging machines. You can try to do this for one product to get an estimate of the time it takes and decide how you would like to have this information on the parcel.

Lastly, remember that wrapping needs a lot of patience and attention to achieve complete perfection.  A slight mistake can completely damage the product and your customer loses trust and confidence, so even if you are in a great hurry, ensure that you are following the entire packaging steps one by one. A shabby and unprofessional packaging is never desired and no one loves to receive a badly packaged parcel. Spare some time when you are wrapping and you will have a wonderfully wrapped product in no time.

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 Both picture’s credtis are goes to Dean Calma / IAEA