When spraying your favourite bottle of perfume, it’s unlikely that you’re thinking about how the sprayer was attached to the bottle. Designed to look as if it’s always been a part of the bottle, the smooth, precise finish of a perfume bottle and sprayer is achieved by using a crimping machine.

Used mainly by the perfume industry, a crimping machine is a special device used to conjoin two pieces of ductile material (usually metal). In the perfume industry, crimping machines are put into action to close – or ‘crimp’ – perfume bottle sprayers. Perfume sprayers, typically made from aluminium metal, are conjoined to their counterpart bottle using a crimping machine. The perfume bottle is sealed and crimped to the sprayer cap tightly, essentially closing the perfume bottle and securing it ready for sales.


Although crimping machines are mostly used in the perfume industry, certain other aerosol products are also ‘crimped’ in order to seal them. For perfume manufacturers, there are a few notable advantages to a crimping machine that may just persuade you to invest in one for your business.

Crimping machines conjoin materials together firmly and with precision. Unlike securing caps by hand, bottles crimped to a sprayer cap are ensured to have accurate and uniform seals that meet the same high standard every time. Using a crimping machine also speeds up the manufacturing process as the amount of time spent sealing bottles is decreased, proving a cost-effective piece of equipment as fewer resources are required.

You can get your very own manual crimping machine direct from All In Packaging. Whether you’re looking for a handheld machine for on the go crimping, or a tabletop machine, you’ll find both in our web shop. Suitable for securely crimping 15mm and 20mm neck bottle types, you can cut the cost of having to outsource by crimping in-house, giving you more control over your products. To make sure you’re ready to test out your new crimping machine, why not purchase one of our aluminium crimp sprayers, available in both silver and bronze – perfect for giving your products a luxurious finish.