Across Europe, the candle industry is a lucrative one. Each year, people spend millions of pounds making their homes look, feel and smell inviting, splurging on candles to get that cosy glow. For a growing market that focuses on bringing luxury to the home, candles need equally indulgent packaging, and for many candle products, this comes in the form of glass containers and jars.

Glass Containers for Candles

It’s no secret that glass looks good – it’s part of what makes it so popular! Stylish and long-lasting, glass makes ideal packaging for candles. This impermeable material provides a safe option for candle flames, and with a huge variety of sizes, shapes and colours to choose from, glass jars are perfect for the candle industry.

Candles in glass jars can really add a sense of indulgence to your home, creating a sophisticated glow with jars that look elegant, making them a great decoration for any room. Turn your bathroom into a spa just by lighting a few candles to create a relaxing environment, or get the perfect evening light in your living room by purchasing premium candles in glass jars – perfect for getting cosy at the end of a long day. And with darker nights drawing in, extra light is a welcome addition to any home. Candles in eye-catching glass packaging create a calm and inviting atmosphere, adding delicate warmth to a room.

Using glass jars for candles is also a clever marketing tactic. Visual products are more tempting on the shelf, so manufacturers often use glass to make products more appealing as customers can see the actual product, so are more likely to make a purchase.

Make Your Own

Unleash your creative side and decorate you own glass candleholders. Glass candleholders can be painted, have decorations glued to them and printed on, so you can easily personalise your products. Similarly, empty glass jars are a great incentive to make your own candles. Homemade candles are an easy DIY project that more and more people are trying their hand at, thanks to the variety of homemade candle recipes available online. Simply buy an empty glass jar and once you’ve perfected your formula, fill the jar with the candle mixture – you can even find glass jars with built in wicks! Homemade candles with decorated glass holders make lovely personalised, unique gifts – great for Christmas.

Varied Uses; Varied Market

Candles aren’t just for show to make your house look picture perfect: they’re also extremely practical. During power cuts and blackouts, candles can be used as a light source, so are a useful item to keep around the house. In addition, once the glass holder has fulfilled its initial purpose of storing candles, you can then reuse the jar for something else – glass is particularly durable and long lasting so won’t look worn. Glass jars are great for holding household trinkets, and as glass is completely recyclable, it can be used time and time again.

Candles in glass jars appeal to a wide market. Although some may think that candles are a feminine item , male-friendly candles are on the rise, with masculine scented candles increasing in popularity.

As well as providing the safest and most functional option, using glass packaging for candles can make your product look more elegant, more expensive and more desirable. What’s not to love?