Packaging plays an important role in increasing sales and boosting revenue. The right kind of packaging should work as a smart marketing tool for sales generation. Market analyses have always revealed the importance and role of packaging in sales boosting, which will generate revenue. So, how does packaging of a product influence your revenue? Why should you also concentrate on product packaging concepts when trying to boost your revenue?

Well, at first glance, good packaging influences your revenue in more than a way!

  • Attractive, changing or unique packaging has the ability to sell very slow moving merchandise
  •  Helps in lowering marketing costs since you are able to move many different types of services or products through a single advertisement
  •  In case of joint venture, there is a scope of exposing the product or service to newer prospects, which means more sales
  •  It helps in enhancing your brand’s image

The right kind of packaging goes further to help in increasing your sales in several ways:

Customer Retention

If you have a business, you know how difficult it is retaining a client. Clients need constant persuading; special offers, advertising and constant follow ups until they are completely convinced to purchase. However, if you have good packaging, all this kind of effort is reduced. Remember, packaging does not necessarily have to be very attractive or fancy, it is about saving you lot of money, also.

Packaging Inserts

Sellers have always tried newer things to impress and attract customers. Package inserts helps in building curiosity and increasing sales. Package inserts are an integral part of product packaging. These come in the form of discounts, small gifts, coupons and even handwritten notes with quotes. Customers find these really special and feel that the company really cares about them. This helps in building brand loyalty and customers return to purchase another one to find out what is available for them in the future.

Brand Recall

Good packaging increasing sales with brand recall! Good packaging always has a brand recall value. Customers recognize a product or remember a product by its packaging. Children especially identify products with their packages. Thus, unique packaging or attractive packages have great recall value which helps in building customer base and customers keep returning again and again.

Brand Loyalty

Your revenues will be steady when you have new customers and you are able to retain existing customers. Good packaging helps in creating and maintaining brand loyalty. If customers receive products in great packaging and in good condition, they will always come back to buy from you. The appearance of any product is certainly a way to grab the attention of a customer and initiate sales, but the way the product is delivered plays a major role in keeping your revenue steady.

Packaging is basically one way your brand is presented to the customers. It is also about customer expectations of the product your customer will buy. If they get the product in the best condition, they are simply going to come back. Thus, if you are thinking about increasing revenue, you have to rethink your packaging.