We all love a hosting a good party, but nothing causes more of a headache than thinking about the clean up afterwards. Having to wash up hundreds of glasses, plates and cutlery that have been left overnight is definitely the worst part about parties – especially if you’re feeling a bit worse for wear!


With the promise of parties on the horizon as the festive season draws closer, take the hassle out of the dreaded clean up by using plastic party accessories.


Plastic plates and plastic glasses offer a great alternative for serving food and drink at parties. The plastic material makes them particularly strong, which is ideal for providing sturdy dinnerware alternatives. Plastic is also a fairly inexpensive material to produce; meaning plastic plates and glasses are a cost-effective solution to party catering. On top of this, they have the added advantage of making your party clean up a quick and easy task!


No Cleaning

The convenience of plastic accessories is that there’s no cleanup needed. You simply pick up a plate, use once and then throw it away when finished. There’ll be no need to spend time washing up the morning after a big party, as plastic party accessories are disposable – earning you valuable time in bed, instead!


Entertain Large Numbers

When you’ve invited lots of people over, you usually end up with too few glasses and not enough plates to go around. With plastic accessories and dinner sets, you can easily cater for large numbers. As affordable products, it’s possible to purchase more than you need without it being a huge expense, and, as the plastic is lightweight and fairly thin, plastic accessories are easily transported and stored – so you can stock up on more than you need for when people inevitably put their glass down and lose it! Any unused leftovers can simply be kept until next time without taking up much space in your cupboards.


A variety of products on offer from All In Packaging mean you can cater for anything. Plastic champagne flutes are available for extravagant arrival drinks and champagne dinners, alongside normal tumblers for soft drinks and long drinks, as well as plates.


No Breakages

A big worry when having people round for a party is breakages – especially glasses! It’s a common situation at parties for people to drop things or knock things over. Take away the fear of broken glass and cracked plates by using plastic accessories, which won’t break if dropped on hard floors. Plastic accessories can save you both money and inconvenience.


Make life easier and take the hassle out of party hosting by purchasing plastic party accessories – so you can just sit back, relax and enjoy, without having to worry about cleaning up.