There’s no denying that the trigger sprayer is one the most popular devices on the market. Used mainly to package household chemicals, car care liquids, cleaning detergents and gardening additives, their easy handling features and quick dispensing make them a firm favourite among manufacturers from a number of industries.

A variety of trigger sprayers, from mini sprayers to standard sizes, in a range of colours, are readily available, offering numerous advantages for usage. When it comes to trigger sprayers, there’s really only one thing that can cause a headache for users, and that’s when a trigger sprayer doesn’t work properly.

Reliable Products Preferred

Reliability and quality are the most important features of a successful trigger sprayer, yet malfunctioning sprayers can happen easily when purchasing low quality trigger sprayers. Trigger sprayers are a preferred choice for dispensing liquids for many customers, thanks to their ease of use and high quality, accurate dispensing, and it’s this high level of functionality that customers expect when using trigger sprayers. For manufacturers, reliable, high quality products should be the goal to ensure products that deliver an accurate spray without dripping liquid all over the floor.

Quality Over Cost

Both customers and manufacturers like trigger sprayers for the ease of use and high quality dispensing that they provide, which is achieved through purchasing reliable, quality trigger sprayers. The cheapest trigger sprayer shouldn’t always be your go to, just because it’s the most cost-effective option. Cheap sprayers of low quality can lead to leakages and faulty dispensing, so if you have a great product but you sell it in a bottle with malfunctioning trigger sprayer, you can lose customers, even if your product is the best on the market. Cheap, low quality sprayers can affect customer trust in a brand. Packaging will always win customers over first, so if they can’t use the packaging effectively, they will look elsewhere. What seemed like a cost-effective option might not be so economical if it has a detrimental affect on your brand reputation. For trigger sprayers, quality should come before cost.

With any mechanical device there’s always a risk that it won’t work properly, and the same is true for trigger sprayers. Although it’s impossible to guarantee that a product will work 100% correctly, purchasing from reliable manufacturers or suppliers who provide high quality products can reduce the risk of faulty products.

Although quality should be a key factor when purchasing trigger sprayers, cheap doesn’t always have to mean low quality. Cheap products can be bought from good suppliers who purchase from reliable manufacturers, offering you great products at low cost prices. At All In Packaging, we proudly supply high quality trigger sprayers from trustworthy manufacturers to provide you with affordable, functional trigger sprayers that deliver accurate dispensing. Browse our full range of trigger sprayers, as well as thousands of other high quality products, on the All In Packaging web shop.