Just walk into your kitchen and check out the number of food containers you have? In fact, food storage containers are available in plenty in most houses, due to their convenience of use and easy storing options. However, one needs to be aware that there is plenty of difference between general containers and containers that are designed to store food.

Food grade containers are made using special material and after adherence to strict safety standards, ensuring complete safety and protection so that there is no compromise on the health of individuals. Made from food grade super quality plastic, these containers are manufactured keeping in mind their main purpose – storing food and preserving their flavor and freshness as much as possible.

As the name implies, food containers have a few specific functions:

  • They are meant for storing food – either in raw form or cooked depending on their purpose and use.
  • Retaining the flavor and freshness of food as much as possible in another requirement of plastic food containers.
  • Preventing the odorof the plastic passing into the food stored in the container is another prime function.

A plastic food container has a major influence on the food which is stored in it and we need to remember that all types of food containers are not suitable for all kinds of food.

Time sensitive Food Containers

Time sensitive food needs special kind of food storage containers which prevent or slow down the aging process by slowly absorbing the enthylene gas as well as other forms of ripening agents that tend to degrade the food. Such types of food cannot be stored in any kind of container as exposed to air they tend to gather moisture, develop sogginess and ultimately get spoilt. These specialized food containers have special function of protecting the freshness of food. Time sensitive food needs to be stored in these containers to retain their freshness. Any plastic container you get in the market might not be good for storing time sensitive food – you just need to check the details before you move ahead.

Heat Resistant Food Containers

Heat resistant food container – you must have heard about these special types of containers in which food is often packed for delivery. All types of plastic are not heat proof or resistant and it is not at all safe to keep or carry hot food in such containers. Heat resistant plastic food containers are made with special ingredients which makes them just perfect for storing warm or hot food. The plastic does not react with the food and hence the food is fresh and healthy. If you have the wrong kind of food storage containers and you use it to store warm or hot food, it can cause a dangerous health issue as the plastic can slowly melt in the heat and mix with the food causing serious health hazard.

Disposable Food Containers

Disposable food containersare quite common and as the name suggests they are suitable for one time use. These storage containers are good for storing food. The plastic used to make these containers is normally heat resistant but for one time use. These food containers are quite thick and firm in nature and are normally not airtight (though air tight varieties are also available). Since these containers are meant to carry food for a short duration, they have a snap lid that keeps the food in its place well without any additional worry about spillage. These especially disposal food containers can be refrigerated too. These are designed for short time use and once your purpose is served you need to throw them away as they will no longer be usable. In case you choose to use them again, be prepared for some mess in the form of spillage and spoilage too.

Food containersare available in a large number of shapes and sizes. There are food storage containers which can be used to reheat food in microwave too. You just need to be sure about the kind of container you are using or you will end up using wrong kind of material which will not just destroy the freshness of the food but will also cause serious health concerns.

The kind of container used to store food has a very strong influence on the food which is stored in it. If the container is not airtight and you need airtight storing, your food might get lumps or spoilt. Similarly food items which need a bit of fresh air should never be stored in air tight containers as it will destroy the food. Thus, food storage containers have tremendous or total influence on the food that is stored in them.

Just remember that storing food in the right kind of container will keep it fresh and you will enjoy it whenever you choose to have it.

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