Packaging is an essential part of marketing, which plays an important role in the sales of product. An effective packaging is one, which grabs customers’ attention in an attractive way and actually entices customers to purchase a specific product. Product packaging is actually a marketing tool which also functions as a tool to drive sales.


So, how does product packaging help in changing sales of any product? Product packaging is a series of activities which involves the process of designing, producing and use of packaging to enclose and then sell specific items. Thus, with so many functions, it is understood that product packaging plays an important role in sales of a product.


Shoppers are said to be quite instinctive and reactive, though a very rational person can also get emotional while selecting a product. Most customers are not even aware of the fact, that their emotions can also drive sales of a product, especially in case of impulsive packages. Product packaging professionals are aware of such kind of emotionally driven buying decisions and therefore design packaging, keeping such aspects in mind.


Though customers will never consciously let packaging affect their purchasing decision, yet customers do fall for attractive products – the instant look of any attractive package is a huge booster. If you are interested in helping your packaging attract customers’ attention, here are some areas, which you need to focus on, so that you can have more sales. Just some change in your packaging can help in changing the sales of a product.


A clear package which is neat, yet quite attractive, helps in identifying a brand and helps in creating loyal customers, who will come looking for the specific product. All relevant information related to the product ( nutrition, method of use, other instructions) should be clearly explained in the package. This will definitely influence the sales of the product, as customers always look for convenience.

Double Functionality is one of the most loved features in product packaging. Customers are really happy, if they are able to use the package as a storage product once its protective functioning is over. Whenever, packaging works as carrying case or a storage product, it is compact, portable and convenient to use, customers love to use the product. This kind of packaging is always preferred as customers feel, they get a value for their money.


Green packaging is also one of the most sought after packages these days. If you are using eco-friendly packaging, your sales will definitely soar. Today, there is an increasing awareness on sustainable living and consumers are increasingly looking forward to green packages which will no longer cause environmental pollution. Such packages can also be reused and recycled easily which means once the product is unpacked, customers can easily dispose the package.


Too much packaging does not appeal customers. Use only that much packaging which is required and nothing additional. Thus, packaging should be minimalist and with use of very little material. However, remember that balance is important or too little packaging or unusual packaging can actually turn customers off.


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