Packaging plays an important role in any industry, since product packaging has to necessarily be appealing to attract the attention of consumers and
catch their fancy. However, it shouldn’t be ignored that the primary function of packaging is protection to the product, from any kind of damage during transit to the customer place. Packaging companies leave no stone unturned to ensure that every packing is done efficiently and to serve its intended purpose.

Packaging machines or packaging equipment is available in many categories, for a number of functions, for catering to definite number of products and as per the needs of every industry. Most importantly each machine offers a different functionality and often these machines are customized as per requirement. Every company needs a specific type of machine to perform an exact activity. Here some such varieties of packaging machines and how they operate are mentioned below.

Packaging Machines and How They Operate

Hot Air sealer packaging machines are used in sealing hard films such as cellophanes, polypropylene, paper laminates, foils and similar materials. This kind of machine ensures complete protection to the sealed product and keeps it protected from spoilage or contamination due to exposure to outside air and moisture. Products are usually well placed in packing cases or boxes with complete protection and are then passed through hot air sealer packing machine which completes the packing process by sealing the product completely. Hot seal ensures product is safely packed and there is no contact or contamination from outside air.

Carton Packaging Machine

Carton packaging machine is very important machinery thought to be almost indispensible for any packaging company. Carton packaging machinery do the work of secondary packaging as it is often referred to in the packaging industry. Carton forming, carton closing and the work of tray forming are all done by this packing machine. Machines doing this job offer a variety of option of simplex locks, adhesive and pic-lock blanks. Carton closers are available for a different set of materials depending on their use. There are closers for hot melt sealing, automatic closing and top load sealing. Depending on the type of packaging and kind of closure needed, products are passed through these machines, which automatically performs the task that need to be done and sends out completely ready products.

Pre-packaged items are also directed to carton packaging machines. The process is known as robotic product handling in which pre-packaged items are smartly directed to a specialized wrapper for a multi-packing process, just before the above carton packaging process take place. Just as we see in the case of 10 individually wrapped candy bars which are all collated for a multi-pack. This multi-pack is then placed in air sealed cartons to help them last long and keep them fresh.

Flow Wrapping Machine

Another quite common type of packing equipment is the flow wrapping machine which applies the latest technologies in achieving packaging quality as well as operational efficiency. There are many types of this wrapping machine, each with its specific function and utility. The entry level flow wrappers operate with complete servo technology that assure complete and accurate operation and also fast changeover. Flow wrapping machines can be easily divided into different categories depending on their use. There are standard wrapping machines that cover a large number of applications and operate in different speeds, depending on the number of products which need to be packaged. There are inverted wrapper machines which work on handle soft pliable products and also on multipack items. There are specially made on edge product wrappers which work best for on edge or length slug wrapping. This machinery is suitable for packing donuts, crackers and cookies. For quality extreme skin tight packaging and for overwrapping or shrink wrapping, shrink poly film wrappers are used.

Product Handling and Packaging Machines

Product handling is an important step in packaging where products are prepared for wrapping or being packed in a box or container before being packaged further. Product handling machines are normally customized as per the nature of product which needs to be packaged. If the machine is not customized, it will not be able to perform functions as needed. These machines assure fast turnaround as products are packaged and processed in bulks, in uniformity and in much reduced cost which would have otherwise been incurred if the process was done manually.

Packaging machines have the sole aim of protecting the product during transmit- especially from the warehouse to the premises of the customers. Machines are designed to reduce all costs and get rid of all expenses that occur due to breakage and wear and tear. These machines ensure that the product is well protected during its shelf life from damage, tampering or any kind of theft. This is especially in case of pharmaceutical products and other products.

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